Are intake fans nessessary


Do I really need to install an intake fan for my 4 x 4 grow tent. I have the exhaust fan on and if I leave a vent at the bottom open it sucks fresh air in and up to the exhaust again make air flow. The room I have my tent in is pretty clean so I’m not too worried about pests. Hopefully anyways. Thanks everyone


That’s certainly preferable if you are worried about odor. You want to have a negative pressure in the tent for that. If you aren’t worried then there’s nothing wrong with supplemental air brought in that way; assuming your tent environment can handle the temp or humidity or whatever.


I have a 4x4 with no intake fans. I have the luxury of a windowless space that I can leave the vent flaps open so I don’t worry about light leaking in. I just use my exhaust fan and it works fine.


I have a 4x4x6.5 tent and it was just fine with a single 6"/400CFM exhaust fan… until it got to be too warm in the surrounding room (no air conditioning in the basement) and the tent started getting a little warm. At that point I added a 6"/400CFM intake fan and a speed controller and it took care of that problem. I like being able to adjust the intake fan to adjust the temperature inside the tent versus moving the light up and down.


Using a 2x4 in my closet that’s 6.5ft tall in my home office closet.
Also no intake fan, I use a tin duct piece with a vent cover over it taped snug and then ran a pair of dollar store panty hoes over it in order to keep the bugs and dust out.
Exhausted with a carbon filter (with pre filter) and a 6" exhaust fan. Nice negative pressure my walls suck in and when I open the door the plants give me a little wave as the air rushes in.

I think it’s more about how your setup is and what your trying to get under control, if heats and issue one would want the coolest freshest air coming in from the best source and then would want more airow and adding this intake fan could help with that issue.

Without negative pressure in your tent smell will be an issue though