Are full spectrum LED lights enough for all stages?

You can start with one but as they grow you might want to consider more, as you suggested. Ideally is 50 actual watts per sq. ft. The lights are 400w each actual power.

I’ve had 100% germination from ILGM seeds, all have grown to plants, can’t go wrong!

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Thanks Matt, I got two 7 inch seedlings and they’re under a light that’s similar. But it’s not me be I got everything but a light idea ntknow which kind to get

Quality post my friend, Many Thanks, FA. Was referencing Majiktokers treatise above, don’t know how I got down here. Great info, so much happening with light tech. I remember borrowing lights from the High School gym years ago, large, hot and high amp draw, pretty good light.

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Yes. As par my experience, Full spectrum LED grow lights are enough for all states. But thing is, you need to choose a right full spectrum light.
After reading lots of review over the internet, I went for VIPARSPECTRA PAR450. I have got a good review from here