Are edibles harmful to your liver?

I had a CT scan recently and the doctor called me in to say I have a very small mass on my liver about 1/2" in size. She didn’t want to alarm me (of course she did anyway) and said I’ll be sent to a specialist for some additional tests.

I tend to think of liver damage as an alcohol related disease, and also a problem for hepatitis carriers, but I’m sure this is a much broader scope than I stated. I have been tested for Hepatitis and was found to be negative. I enjoy a drink, but consider myself a drinker in moderation. I maintain a 2 drink a day maximum goal, and will have a beer or two several times a week. By no means do I feel the need for alcohol, so leaving it alone is no issue at all.

But I’m not explaining my drinking habits, rather I am looking for advice on edibles and how they impact my liver. I have read that edibles are processed by the body (and liver) differently than smoking pot. Since I have a suspect spot on my liver, should I simply avoid any THC consumption at all? I’m not in a state (US) that allows medical MJ use, so no doctor is going to say to go ahead and partake. What is the word among cannibas users regarding THC and liver damage?

I’m not 100% sure on the link between the two. I do know cannabis causes a process called apoptosis which is the regeneration of cells. That’s why it’s used as a cancer treatment. I would say since everything with a brain has a cannabinoid receptor and our brains produce thc that it can’t be too harmful. As far as edibles I would assume if there is a link it would be in the process or other ingredients in the edible, not the cannabis.

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Here is a study that says cannabis actually helps reduce liver fibrosis and cirosis of the liver.


This is a reassuring link @RandomlyRan. I made a batch of oil using decarbed bud in my MB2e machine and used a carrier oil called MCT along with a teaspoon of sunflower lecithin. I put that oil into veg caps to consume vs smoking - I consider this potentially more health conscious for the lungs. At least I have some hope edibles may actually be “helpful” after seeing this link.

Medicine (pills also harm the liver) can severly harm your liver just the same as alchol


Your most welcome. Idk if you get Viceland, the channel or it may be on YouTube, there is a show called weediquette that is very informative on different topics concerning weed. Ingesting is a better bet on the lungs. If your making them especially because you know the exact content. That’s the problem with current laws is the federal govt test all drugs but only for negative effects and no positive effects. The FDA could have done a more extensive testing but they aren’t allowed. I hope everything, health wise, turns out good.


With all of the information I have gained over the years , i would bet my life that there is no way that canibas would harm you , unless it was laced with something or sprayed with something during the growing process that was bad for you… :wink:


I think the only death certificate that listed cannabis as a c.o.d. was Bruce Lee’s and it was later changed.


You are most kind, and your well wishes makes me feel positive. I actually do get the Viceland channel and enjoy a variety of the alternative programming they carry. I’ll look for the show Weediquette and watch.

I make all of my own edibles, and look for the highest quality ingredients to use in the process.

I’ll take all of this information (in this thread) to be positive regarding the benefits of cannabis in general. You can probably realize I’m being super careful especially if I am developing a tendency to have potential liver issues.

Since I grow my own, I am mindful of using organic nutrients plus everything else I use in the process is the best and safest I can source. As I mentioned to @RandomlyRan above, I make my own edibles so I’ll know where it comes from. I even use natural Neem Oil on my outdoor grows for pest control, but I know plenty of folks who use chemical sprays that may be harmful. I know exactly where you are coming from.


I read your post earlier, got distracted, and then forgot :frowning:

I just wanted to say that whatever it is, you’ll figure it out and go from there. Don’t sweat it until you know what you’re up against. It might be nothing at all, and that’s what I’m hoping for you, friend. Be well. :v:


I’m a service connected veteran so my healthcare is provided by the VA. Anything my VA doctor and I discuss cannabis related will be mandated by Federal law, so I’m sure he wont say go ahead and use cannabis…or at least I think that will be his position. I’m not sure if I should even mention to my provider anything cannabis related. I don’t think they will disenroll me if I test positive, but its better safe than sorry facing what I’ll need help with.

I have a friend who is a physician in the private sector, and she told me recently that many drug tests she performs for THC are coming back positive based on the patient using so called legitimate CBD oils purchased from sources in our state which is not MJ friendly - even medically. But we are CBD friendly, so this may be a way to pass off the good stuff. It may be the applicant claims using CBD oil as a way to pass off MJ use - plus we never know how “pure” and void of THC that oil may be.

And please know I thank you so much for the well wishes, and like you say, it may be nothing. Any prescription meds I take such as statins for cholesterol management could potentially leave a fatty tumor on the liver which is not life threatening. I’ll take it all in stride and I’m sure all will be fine. Thank you for your kinds words @elheffe702, they mean so much in a positive way.


They haven’t disenrolled me, yet. I am in a legal state, however. They do talk a lot about “medication” hinting that I should use something else, but everyone that says that type of thing has only just met me typically, and doesn’t understand that this ain’t my first rodeo.

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