Are ceramic pots be ok to grow in.i have 5 gallon red wing self draining jar its very old with a big cork in the bottom

no icture sorry

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Take the cork out so it drains and it should work. Going to be heavy and fragile, though. A 5 gallon bucket is about 3 bucks at Home Depot or Tractor Supply.

Invest in some fabric pots… you can thank me later… :wink:

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Im with @peachfuzz on fabric pots 100%
Heres a link to get you started tbey are inexpensive and can be reused
I replace mine after 4-5 grows but can probably get more out of them if I wanted
I use pots 2 to 25 gal and they work great :+1:


Thanks for all your help

Got my 5 crystal fem seeds today in the mail all look good shipping was fast and now I just have to finish getting my room set up and I can start germinateing . And since this is my first time I’m only growing one to start with so I can learn as I go

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Want to tell us about your setup? Indoor, outdoor, lights, medium, etc? Maybe someone will spot a problem before it bites you in the backside.

My setup is fairly simple I’m using a 275 watt led light 6 band full spectrum I hope that’s ok too grow one will also be getting plenty of sunshine as well the corner of the room I’m growing in faces east so plenty of light as long as the suns out. I’m growing in soil. This is my first time growing that’s y I’m only starting one plant at a time would it still be recommended to use the scrog technique

Sounds like you’re off to a smart start. Have you thought through your germination process and soil brand? I ask because these seem to be the areas new growers get into trouble.

The Grow Bible, which you can download from here, goes into great detail about those areas and is worth the time to study.

SCROG isn’t really my thing but it seems pretty easy. As long as you can reach both sides to tend the plant, I’d see no reason not to.