Are adequate Nutrients supplied


Once the plants reach the stage of getting fed nutes in the watering, will this be adequate to prevent problems? If water pH is kept at optimum range give or take, are the nutes supplied by the standard dosing enough? Based on experienced growers, what is your experience when problems arise?


Feeding the correct nutes always helps. You also need to check your runoff (ppm) to ensure their well being.
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Also when you start nutrients you wanna start at half the recommended dose


In addition to what the other members stated I use a mix of Happy Frog and ocean forest and I won’t feed my plant any nutrients until about the 4th or 5th week of vegging. Until that time I just pH my water and give it to them when they need it. Good luck and enjoy your growing!


Thanks, my meter only measures pH and honestly up til now I’ve been watering carefully with minimal runoff and recently having fast growth spurt. So I’m sure they are using and needing more water and possibly nutes. I realize this is dependent on residuals in soil.


I found nutes to be funny in terms of what’s needed and how often. I use fox farm ocean forest soil and fox farm nutes and can tell u if you use their feeding schedule u will be wasting money and having to slam sledge hammer through them to often. I did first 6 weeks of veg with no nutes only RO water ph’d with added Cal mag. Then I started using the recommended feeding schedule by ff and got nit tox with some nutes burn. I did end up with a ph problem but got that sorted. So lessoned learned, companies are in the business of selling products, nutes companies are no different, half or even 1/4 the dose they rec and your plants will grow great.


My last grow using Fox Farm nutes was one of my best and I didn’t go above three-quarters strength of my feeding schedule either. With the strains I was growing when I did go to full strength they would get little yellow tips on the leaves of new growth. So this time I’m definitely starting off at half and working my way up. Nice thought on that, BlazinAce. I did encounter that myself.


That’s great info, I’m using FFHF and FF nutes and using 1/3 to 1/2 the recommendation dose. Reading more about measuring TDS etc, trying to find where people would start to run into problems…I know it is a variable.
With growth spurts, height, density all these things are using nutes in the soil whether added or not.


I know how you feel about TDS. I have an EC meter I haven’t used yet but I’m going to on my next grow. Along with my pH pen. I just have to learn and figure out how to adjust EC when necessary etc.
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My ec pen has been a lifesaver! I wish I had it when I started growing. Hot soils are my bane, but w/an ec meter I can kind of mitigate problems before they begin.

I recommend going with ec, rather than tds, as there are too many various conversion factors. Ec is always ec.


I use FFOF soil, as well as the FF dirty dozen nutes, and you definitely want to use these nutes at half strength. This is my fourth grow with Fox Farm and i had to learn the hard way on the first grow. But this is pretty typical of all nutes, the recommended doses are usually meant for outdoors, indoor growing requires half of that. I can happily say that using FF nutes at half strength does the trick. :slight_smile:


@raustin @blackthumbbetty thank you both for the information. I appreciate it. Those are both things that I need to be mindful of. I’m going to get my butt in gear and start using that EC pen. I guess there’s no reason to be afraid of it. I learned to use a pH one just fine. And I did notice a difference and I will always use mine now.
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I always recommend feeding as per mfg recommendations follow feeding chart fir said nutrient lines
Ive found most of the lines offer additives to supplement what’s lacking in base nutrients
So understanding the nutrients your using helps
@Hogmaster has used that line of nutrients maybe he can guve yiu some guidance


Yes, there is no reason to be afraid of the EC pen. I promise it won’t hurt you. :wink:


I actually laughed out loud. Too funny.
I know. I’m being stupid about not using it. When it’s time and my lights come back on I’m going to go in and grab the booklet and start reading.


Oh no, you’re in the black out too? It’s been like three days now, right? Well, grab that booklet, though there’s not much to it, but with your PH and EC pen knowledge you can now conquer all!

I hope your lights come on soon. :slight_smile: