Ardent FX Infuser Easy Bake?

Does anyone have an Ardent FX? Im reqding about them and wondering if its worth the splurge. I would def use it to decarb to make dabs, but the infusion and cooking part of it look pretty neat too. Opinions?


I’ve never used one but I believe @Newt has… I have heard a lot of people really love the Ardent FX Decarboxylator… I’m just not a kitchen gadget gal if I can do it with what I already have.


Amen sister. Just trying to be as covert as possible. :rofl::rofl::rofl: @Caligurl


I have an ardent.
I have not baked in it but I use it for decarbing mostly.
I have made infused oil with it also.
I love the fact I can load it and push the button and walk away and get a consistant decarb process.
I love it!


Keeps smell contained, well, till you open it.


@Budziller as long as it keep it contained while its working its magic, its fine. Im interested in making oil and stuff too.

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I think it’s a better spend than the Levo. I have the levo largely because I was able to pick it up for cheap last year. The Ardent does more uniform decarbing, and I believe a more uniform infusion, too. It also has a larger capacity than the Levo 2 (although not the Levo C, which seemed less convenient generally).

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My experience is that of @Budziller - I’ve only decarbed and infused in mine. And similar comment about the odors.


I agree with all above my Fx works very well and is just so easy to use. Have done oil infusings and decarbing so far and pleased.