Arctic Autos--Outdoor Grow 2020

On Tuesday May 12, 2020, at approximately 11:45pm AKST, my summer grow began! Welcome to the start of…something!!

*18 Seeds
*7 Strains
*Dropped into room temperature r/o water with a splash of H2O2
*Inside heated germination station (temp 84F)
*Lights off!

These plants will be started indoors, then moved outside at about week 4.

This is just my, “Hey look! I dropped seeds and am excited!” starter post. The next official journal entry will have all the gory details.

Keywords: autos, microbes!microbes!microbes!, coco, peat, perlite, qb leds, organics, greenhouse, pandemic, moosebait, heyheyhey smoke weed everyday

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Woohoo I’m definitely here Girl!

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I’m in here too!


Following in anticipation!


This is going to be awesome can’t wait to see the results.


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I’m gonna tag along as well, if you don’t mind :v:

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Welcome all!

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Thursday May 15, 8:30pm AKST
18 seeds were Rootered and placed into a heated, domed germination station, inside a dark grow tent.

Soaked the Rapid Rooters for 30 minutes in the following un-pH’d solution:
-1 qt RO water
-⅛ tsp each
Piranha (beneficial fungi)
Catalyst (some goodies for the fungi)

Temp up to 84F inside dome. Humidity rising nicely, too.

Oh, I promised gory details, didn’t I? I try not to break promises, if I can, so here, mofos:

Grow Space:
Inside: 2 tents, 2.5x5x7 each
Outside: 10x10 chain-link dog run inside a greenhouse, for security (bunnies, meth heads, punk ass moose bitches)

Strains: ALL AUTO, FREE W/ PURCHASE SEEDS, except where noted
-Blueberry x3
-Critical x3
-RQS Diesel x2
-Double Big Bud x2
-Dutch Blue x5
-Lemon Haze x2
-RQS Solomatic CBD from @Bubblehead

Medium: Home Depot Special, because it was easily available during the pandemic, plus my wife paid for it! Going with Coco, Peat, and Perlite, this time around. Will do 75% Ultra Coir and 25% Perlite. Omri certified organic:

Containers: Almost all are going into 5 gallon cloth pots; Dutch Blue is going into 2 gallon cloth pots

Lighting: 320xl v2 dimmable QB & 320xl v2 RESPEC dimmable QB

Ventilation/Air Circulation/Temp/Humidity:
-400+cfm exhaust fan
-Carbon filter, if needed
-2 small floor fans
-2 small clip fans
-1 gallon capacity humidifier
-1 portable, electric baseboard heater
The fans and the heater will be moved outside, if necessary.

Going with my usual goodies, to start.
-Earth Juice Original 5: Grow, Bloom, Catalyst, Meta K, Microblast
-Advanced Nutrients: Root Trio(Piranha, Voodoo, Tarantula), Nirvana
-NFTG: Demeter’s Destiny, Persephone’s Palate
-RealGrower’s Recharge
-Epsom Salts

If I run out of Bloom or Meta K, I’ll be switching to another Home Depot special product: Alaskan Morbloom.

Training?: potentially scrogging most of them. Maybe not. Who knows?

Let’s see, am I missing any pertinent info?

Thinking about giving each nute product its own post, kind of a Spotlight on each one? Help those interested to understand why each product is used when it’s used?


Wait, Thursday was the 14th! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Tuesday May 19, 11am AKST

Placed 12 germed babies into their 4" round peat pots:
-1 Lemon
-1 Solomatic
-2 Double Big Bud
-4 Dutch Blue
-1 Blueberry
-3 Critical

Filled with a mix of:
-18 cups Ultra Coir
-6 cups Perlite
-1 tsp Recharge

Moistened with 2 cups of the following pH 6.0 solution:
-2 qts RO
-1.5 tsp Demeter’s Destiny
-½ tsp Persephone’s Palate
-¼ tsp EACH Piranha, Tarantula, Voodoo, and Catalyst
Adjusted with: EJ UP granules (potassium bicarbonate)

-One of the Dutch Blues got stuck in her seed, but her roots and stem look great. After removing the shell, she looks iffy, but I’m willing to give her a chance.

-Solomatic CBD doesn’t look promising, but she’s being given a chance, too.

-One of the Double Big Buds still has a seed head, but is just about ready to shed it; I will probably assist in a bit.

The above 12 are domed, and back on a heatmat til about 8pm, tonight. At 8pm, the late babies will get the heatmat back to themselves (see below).

-Two babies were not showing roots: a Lemon & a Blueberry. They completely fell out of their seeds during the initial seed drop. I placed the babies into rooters, and they’ve greened up nicely, but are not showing any upward movement. They’re in a small germination station for a few days. If they start moving/growing nice roots, they’ll get planted-up; if not, they’ll go away.

-On Monday, I culled a few seeds that were looking ghastly grayish-greenish-corpseish. I saw no reason to give them time to pop, when they were clearly DOA. That’s how I ended up with a more reasonable 12 for sure plants, and 2 maybes.

The Environment:
Light: 108w/35", 24/0
Humidifier: started at 4pm, on high, filled with RO
Ventilation: passive intake only, exhaust fan on low, no other fans currently running
Heat: space heater on at 4pm, set to 76, which should translate to 78-80 inside the tent.
Temp/RH: these numbers are in flux until the environment gets stabilized. Last check at 5pm, temp was 75F and humidity was up from 39% to 47%. Clearly, the humidifier is doing it’s job; I hope the heater does its job, now. While rootered, the temp/RH stayed around at 81F/85-95%. I am currently aiming for 78-80F/60-65%.

Latest pic, taken at 5:14pm:


Getting :popcorn: for the master class, can’t wait.

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Where is this master class of which you speak?


I’ll be along for the journey. Feel free to watch mine to May 2020 grow, wish me luck!

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Thursday, May 21st 9am AKST

Officially DAY ONE!

Day #1 Girls, ten total:
1xDouble Big Bud
4xDutch Blue

To Be Rootered later tonight:
1xSolomatic CBD

Pics will follow the rootering.



Here’s my quiet little grow.


It wont be staying that way much longer!

Is the RQS Diesel really Chiesel? Im confuddled


No. The RQS Diesels were bunk. Super old seeds and freebies with purchase. They were pretty much dead seeds (pallor of death, even). The Chiesels are from Big Buddha. I grew one in the fall, but messed it up, so I don’t have positive feelings about this strain; just growing it to use it up. :joy:

The 6 newbies are a week behind the 10 Day Ones.


Nice nice… Double Big Bud stands out too. Just a backcross?