Arborist's first grow journal

day 0

  • water ph: 6.8
  • water temp (f): 75.2

september (that’s her name) is currently floating in her bath, with a teeny touch of mycorrhizae mixed into room temp distilled water.

seeing how tiny she is, i feel the weight of the journey ahead in growing her up into a lovely full plant. hopefully she’ll sprout soon!

(thank you @Jza444 @Haildamaged @fano_man @Witchhouse @dbrn32 for your help in my prep for this grow!)

edit: some quick pics


Good luck! It’ll be a fun journey for certain.

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Yay let the games begin … remember right now less is more …when you seeds do sprout I suggest putting in solo cups for s week or so until the leaves out grow the edges of the cup… but what I mean by less is more the soil needs to dry out nearly completely before u water again … and dont saturate the cup just add a little bit if water at a time

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And if you do go right into the big pots to avoid transplanting… just do a small ring of water around the edges of the plants so the roots seek the water dont over water it’s very easy to over water at this stage in life

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thanks @fano_man for the excellent advice around watering. yeah i’m nervous about overwatering so that is really helpful advice to hear :+1:

thanks @Jza444! yes i am stoked. haha i keep poking my head in to check on her, even though i know it’s too soon for her tail to start showing :joy: but i can’t help it, i’m so excited.


hell ya the fun begins ima watchn

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I call it the first kid syndrome I just went through it for the past 3 months.


I’ll be watching and good luck

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Yay the fun begins now u get to learn that the fire is hot by burning your hands its all good reading but hands on us another story …have u been phing water or testing u meters

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Same here! Sometimes I pull up a chair, crack a cold beer and talk to them.


Awesome, best of luck with her! Did I miss which strain you growing?

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thanks everyone :smile: yup been watching her closely, peeking in every few hours. and nope @dbrn32 i totally forgot to mention the strain – i’m using the beginner pack white widow autoflower for my first grow. she has a small ‘tail’ now!


work got away from me, but i’ve been watching september (aka turtle the germinating seed) very closely. so eager to catch her milestones :slight_smile: catching up on some journal entries.

day 1

  • water ph: 6.1
  • water temp (f): 74.7

nudged her a bit since she was still floating atop the water, and she went under. ph of her water when i initially checked her was >9.0(!) so i changed it out and added a tiny bit of mycorrhizae to the new water.

day 2

  • water ph: 7.9
  • water temp (f): 72.9

turtle (that’s her nickname right now :laughing:) has a little ‘tail’/taproot showing now! it’s approx. 0.1-0.2 mm long. guessing about one more day sprouting and she’ll be ready to plant! will be changing the water tomorrow, for sure.

edit: forgot a pic (blurrycam will have to do for now haha)

day 3

  • water ph: 6.0
  • water temp (f): 73.6

turtle’s tail is beautiful and thick, and i can really tell it’s now poking out of the seed shell. it’s about the same length. changed out her water and prepped it just as before. i’ll give her maybe one more day and then drop her into a root riot cube to start her off.


Excellent choice! If I remember @imSICKkid just won bud of the month contest with a white widow auto.

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Indeed fine sir. Super easy plant to grow and is a great yeilder. I ran 2 of them in a 30x30 inch tent and pulled almost 10 ounces. Good luck!


oh nice!! grats @imSICKkid! even more stoked for this grow.

she now has a good 2.5-3 mm of root poking out of the shell, so i’m hoping to drop her into her new home late tonight or early tomorrow.


day 4

  • temperatures (f)
    • (h2o): 72.9
    • (tent): 74
    • cube: 74.5
      • using an empty riot cube next to her for monitoring, receiving same light/heat/water
  • humidity
    • (tent): 50%
    • (cube): 56%
  • water ph: 6.5

she’s made it through her first transplant! was a little harrowing getting her out of the cup but we managed. now she’s in her riot cube (taproot down) and misted and bathing. fingers crossed she pokes her head above the surface soon. i feel like the tent and cube humidity readings are a bit low. wondering if i should add some moisture/humidifier.

the mister i have produces a very fine mist, so i’m doing about 5-6 sprays atop the cube (to get it moist; i could do less), and 2-3 spritzes on the roof of the dome. will be keeping up with her 2x/daily sprayings and waiting for her to make her grand debut :slight_smile:

some pics:

in her new home


mirror cube temp and humidity readings


If your dome dosent condensate up it’s because it’s either
A. You dont have the lid sealed tightly or
B. You have the vent to open…the goal is to add water under or go almost the base of the cube so that water and the heat make an atrium it essential is evaporating and raining repeatedly…so when everything fits right ull get alot if condensation that’s when u know ur where u wanna be


The rooted clone cameboutban individual dome …just a bottle of aquafina which is perfect ph for cloning cut in half and pushed together over the clone and the plug to make a humidity dome u can controll it will the cap and make sure the top goes inside the bottom so the condensation runs back down to the bottom

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