Arborholic's 2nd grow- ILGM Blueberry Autos in DWC hydro 2-10-21

i have never done auto’s because i’m a control freak lol, but i also read that. from what i read you are supposed to not do much to them


@repins12 Hey bro- I saw some YouTube videos of your DWC prep and setup on your thread, but I can’t find them again. Mind tagging them here? Thanks in advance!


Those were some videos, form someone I know, that I used as part of my research. My system is kinda a compilation, of different things, that I learned, through my research. I can post them here for you, if you would like, let me know or you can get in touch with me, on any of the other places, I frequent and I could help you with your design. I have lots of pictures of my set up but, did not do a video. Maybe, I will when, I tear everything down, to get rid of my tent after one more quick auto seed run, after I wrap this one up. Just let me know, my friend :+1:t4: :v:t4:

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