Arborholic’s Hot Mess Grow Log #1

I have the SF 2000 over the soil 29” from canopy and at 40% power

and the Vivosun 1000/100-277 over the hydro 16” from the canopy at 100% power.

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those are young plants but i think you may be able to give more to them, maybe wait to see what @dbrn32 has to say about it if he is on what you think about the pic above DNRN32

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Same, I usually Top one and FIM the other in hopes for that ever elusive and mystical 4 cola
plant canopy. I’m Topped as early as 4 and these two were at 5th node because they were
growing really compact and short. That’s definitely not the case now. They are starting to
stretch to the sky. I’ll have new update pics in my Gorilla Glue Times Two thread in a few days.


I would start increasing dimmer a little once a week.

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tag me in if you want, please

that looks like start of herm


and this is yours I’d say if be watchful


Yeah buddy! That’s what I was noticing too. Ima watching. Do I understand right that if this bag seed plant turns hermie then it’s offspring will likely be hernies also? Meaning, would it be worth pulling the plant out, putting it in a lil 2x2 tent and grow it for seeds?

All plants have tendency to turn herm with stress I grow nothing but bag seed but I dont have luxury of seeing the plant that pollinated the female or if a herm pollinated a herm or what happened to get these seeds all I know is I have grown 15 16 different strains of bag seed …I doubt every single one was a completely missed male there’s probably a herm pollination mixed in there some where and I never got a herm and only got 6 males in 3 years…pretty good odds that it’s not gonna be overwhelmingly herm odds I have planted multiple of each and some had 100s of seeds some only had like 5 or 6 in an oz from my experience male herm is an operator error at certain extent… stress … transplanting is stressful…light leaks…over/under watering climate fluctuation

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They say a herm will seed its self… but I wouldn’t want to grow those for a quality crop if I knew … if it pollinated another plant I would attempt that but there’s not 100% definitive

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[quote=“fano_man, post:169, topic:60903”]
male herm is an operator error at certain extent… stress … transplanting is stressful…light leaks…over/under watering climate fluctuation
I have stressed these plants almost daily with my unplanned approach and tinkering with the lights, transplant, light leaks, humidity extremes… Hot Mess is for realz.

6 males in 3 years out of so many plants- that puts it into perspective. Thanks man

Speaking of planning for the future, I just received
Gold Leaf fem
Amnesia Haze auto
Blueberry auto
Northern Lights auto
Bubblegum auto
Jack Herrer auto
OG Kush auto
They will be started and grown in hydro- rdwc system in a 4x4x6 tent. Which strains should I start first?

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gold leaf , and fill the tent with autos.

when your autos are 2 weeks from harvest cut some clones from your gold leaf. after harvest fill the tent with clones and send it all into flower whenever the clones are ready.

thats what im trying to do with my 3 easy bud auto and a holypunch fem.

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Can we sex these as male for sure yet?

Uploading: 18FB9B2F-20F2-4A20-94F1-44273897D44E.jpeg… Uploading: 0BB07D7B-F534-42CA-A2C4-72819AD89888.jpeg… Uploading: 5D169028-AB2B-4274-B97D-C2F9952E38A3.jpeg…


Or anyone in the know, please let me know if I should pull these plants out of the tent and put in their own tent.

If they are not male parts then I’ll transplant them into the hydro tent.


Very male…soon to release pollen.


Thanks Merlín!

That’s a man man

I got their balls outta there and into the man cave. They are in a separate room of the house also.


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Looks like you caught it just in time.

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