Aquarium water in DWC


Can I use my aquarium water in my DWC???


I don’t know about the aquarium water. Don’t want to tell you something wrong. I do know that I use tap water and a water conditioner, like you would in an aquarium, and it works great


Aqueon Aquarium Tap Water…
This is what I use.
2.5ml for 5gal water. I have a 50gal system, so I only use 25ml when I do a complete change. At that rate, a gallon last a long time

And the plants seem to like it


I just noticed @Mrcrabs uses aquarium water


Looks good. Something to consider for sure.cheers


Please tell me about the water conditioner


It removes chlorine and chloride IMMEDIATELY, plus your tap water contains beneficial elements. I don’t use as much calmag for one


What is brand name. Really curious


Aqueon I posted a link up towards the top


I saw an article where the guy was using his aquarium AS the DWC. Fish and everything. Claimed the fish-poop fed the plants.


Sounds promising. I feel an experiment of my own in the wind I think


It’s definitely a thing people do grow this way.


That’s a beautiful thing. A few nice ones would look brilliant in that setup.