Aquarium gravel and 10 inch mesh pot?

I am growing hydro, obviously.
I have a 10-inch mesh pot in a 5-gallon bucket.
I use rockwool to plant the seed and put the rock wool in a tiny plastic mesh pot but i am wondering if anyone has ever filled the mesh basket with aquarium gravel and planted the clone in the mesh pot with the aquarium gravel instead of clay pellets???



Cant say that I have. I always use clay pebbles but I start the same. I put it into the rockwool when its popped and then put it into the net pot with the pebbles. I dont wait for it to sprout or anything. This is an ILGM WW Auto

From the color of the leaves, looks as if you have something wrong going on

I think thats just the blurple :slight_smile: Its actually about to be harvested but that was the only picture I had

id invest in a better light. a reputable source suggested i stay away from blurple so i went with a spyder farmer sf4000. @Scowners

i ordered 2.5lbs of clay pellets online i still have to pick up my rockwool cubes tmrw. i ordered everything online…hopefully i have some plants growing by winter time.

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Yeah, this is a last grow with it. Moving house so need to bring the tent down. Will get a better one but Im only in a 2 x 2 x 5 tent so its pretty small.