Aquaponics one of the most amazing growth


I do not know exactly what to show or what you want to see, Google translated it strangely


It looks done to me I checked with the scope though jewelers loop 60x zoom But from what I can see it looks good


Thank you so much, I also think it’s time to blink: I’m going to end it



Congratulations my friend it’s beautiful


Congratulations @Mitak17 look forward to your next grow. Enjoy the harvest!


Congratulations on a successful grow! :grin:


Thank you so many friends with you that’s great joy: grinning: I still have a few races so I’ll be glad if you shared with me their flowering



So before the flower, I’ll probably need a miracle pump to inflate the tent: joy:



And the joy grows





I don’t know how I lost your journal, but I just caught up and nice job with the harvest! The blackberry looked really beautiful