Aquaponics - Growing in Fish Tanks

I was curious if any of you have any experience with aquaponics (growing from an active fish tank)? How is the taste and strength of the weed? I’ve never tried it but I’ve been reading a bit about it and I’m curious…


That’s a first for me. :slight_smile: I have put a cutting in the filter of my fish tank and had nice roots really fast.

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actually we were on this topic a couple of days ago a grower was having issues with his plants in aquaponics let me see if I can find the thread for you brb Please help me with plant problems
hope this link helps some


Awesome - it definitely does! Thanks so much for hooking me up!

we have a new member who uses Aquaponics who I lead to same topic should be fun to see how it evolves

Hey here @GrassClippinz! :relaxed:
I been growing Aeroponic-Aquaponics for a bit and will try and answer any questions you may have.

The taste is comparable with soil, if not a little smoother, IMO. The weak strength is basically a genetics issue. Growing style won’t generally change that unless you have garden and growing issues. Leafly has an App for smartphones that describes many attributes of individual strains and what the strains treat (medically), along with reviews from patients.

In my experience, clones take faster in lower pH. With that said, Ive have many clones in nothing but fish water.

Aquaponics, normally, is a little higher pH. Typically, my aquaponic clones take 1-2 weeks longer. This also may be because my aquaponics are organic, where normally I would use cloning gel with hydroponics.

In my system were space is an issue, I grow Hydroponic clones and use the T144 by Turboklone. I pH the water to 5.6 and use CloneX gel.


Thanks for providing some experienced insight! The balance of caring for the fish and the plants seems challenging but I can imagine it’s rewarding once you find the right rhythm to it.