Aquaponics- A Good Place to Start

I have been wanting to help people get their feet wet with aquaponics so here is a list of components i have compiled for anyone looking to try it out. I made a fully functional and cycled system in less than 7 weeks with this design. I designed this system to save space and more importantly, money. Here is a list of everything with links to the products and a video that shows how my setup was put together using these items.

And here is a list of everything used. Swap computer fans for a desk fan and an aquarium air pump and the price range stays the same. Leave out the light if you can grow outdoors. I would.

Growstones were 37$ on amazon
Clay pebbles were 34$ on amazon
LED light was 80$ in amazon
Submersible pump was 17$ on amazon
Growbed (maccourt super tub) was 27$ on amazon
Fish tank was 44$ on amazon
Computer fans were 14$ x2 on amazon
Altogether less than 280$

The fish tank
Tuff Stuff Products KMT102 Oval Tank, 30-Gallon

The growbed
Maccourt Super Tub

The pump
Uniclife UL400 Submersible Water Pump, 400 GPH Aquarium/ Hydroponic/ Fish Tank /Fountain/ Pond/Statuary with 6’ UL Listed Power Cord

The light
Galaxyhydro LED Grow Light,300W Indoor Plant Grow Lights Full Spectrum with UV&IR for Veg and Flower

Media- Clay pebbles
Grow!t GMC40l Clay Pebbles, 4mm-16mm, 40 Liters

Media- Growstones for silica
Growstone 714239 Lift Drainage Layer Soil Amendment, 1.5 cu. ft.

Computer fans x 2
Coolerguys Dual 80mm USB Cooling Fans


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@BrayneGro - good on your for sharing and helping educate those with interest in this topic. Was very intrigued to see how cannabis would grow in a well run system, as I’ve seen impressive results from tomatoes and other local vegetables we have in our region.
I’m all ears/eyes & will be following :slight_smile: