Aquaponic experiment


I gotta try this Aquaponics stuff - Looks fun - Good grow


Looking at what you have done here @Mrcrabs theoretically I can run a DWC using my aquarium water… gives me something to think about. CHEERS


@Bubbles1 thanks buddy, it can be done, I just had a few problems with deficiencies but that was taken care of with going with dual root zone, good luck my friend. Sorry I took so long to reply, working 12/7, feels good to be back home.


@Mrcrabs no worries mate. Will hav 2 do sum homework on this dual root zone bit… dunno if I’m ready to tackle deficiencies yet. Only on 1st grow just yet…DWC anyways. I had half a dozen over last couple of summers here that were brutalized every day and so became bonsai. Kept 2 of us smokn but.12/7… raking it in. I worked on prawn trawlers for a lot of years. I too know the pleasure of long hours. Stay at home dad now. Appreciate your time.