Aquaponic experiment


This is the first setup I’ve seen using the natural sun and aquaponics, too cool my friend, we’ll bad a$$ in my book


Thanks @Nug-bug, learning as I go so far so good.



Seem to be doing OK, besides the algea . Will be getting individual bucket per plant next time,with lids so sunlight dont penetrate Thru… .
Has a good way to go. She’s already super stinky.



Juste about ready


Those are (excuse my language) but !@#$ing beautiful lol. Looking real nice

Also I see youre doing aqua ponics outside, would you inform me on how youre setup it seems like something I may be interested in. I just love trying out all new grows and this looks like it would be fun as an experiment.


I changed my system to a 5 gallon bucket. This is my next one. I mixed Reversed osmosis water and tap water 2:1.

my tap water high in ppms, mix according to your tap water. So I started my plants at 245 to 320 ppms and ph about 6.3ish. Had great growth during vegetation stage, then added compost to my water which brought ppms up to about 400after I had 4-5 sets of leaves. I said it’s an experiment because they are not connected to my pond, I don’t put this water back into my pond it has been ph’d and will hurt my fish.So i use my pond water and compost as nutrients for my plants. As water evaporates from my buckets I refill from my pond by hand. I’m just learning as I go and our next goal is a bigger pond more fish and trying to get everything working in perfect harmony. Any specific questions you got, just hit me up thanks.


Definitely gonna be following along with this tread!


Thanks for all the info seems like something I can definitely get into, that’s awesome you got a pond with the fish feeding your plants. Awesome stuff friend and ill tag you definitely when I get things going


awesome experiment there @Mrcrabs,i will watching closely sir!


@BIGE @Manny_FTGUTube
Thank Youku guys . I will be upgrading my pond,bio filter, and making some growbeds. Will tag You fellas When i get Started. @Dumme , thanks for Your Help, your aquaponic skill are off the charts, love all Your vidéos, keep up thé good work , we have alot to learn fromage You.


No problem man! I just love seeing everyone growing and learning all the new ways to grow its such an incredible plant


Windstorm came thru a couple weeks back and cut my grow early a couple weeks for one of my plants.

I still got decent nuggets
The remaining should be ready soon. Learned alot with this grow.


Freshly cut


@TxGrowman @Nug-bug @BIGE @Givemefire
@Dumme @Manny_FTGUT

Was a good learning experience, had lots of fun doing it. Will post more pics once it fully cures.


Yes and learn you did! @Mrcrabs good job there man,great job! :+1:


looking great there @Mrcrabs!


VERY NICE ! ! Beautiful bud ! Good Job with the aquaponics.


Thank you guys, I can’t wait to try out the results.


Looks good.


Keep up the good work!