Aquaponic experiment


23 days old, strain hybrid: ilgm auto super skunk/ very potent bag seed,also an auto.

So far so good.
Nutrients black solider fly compost tea and fish poop.


The canopy shot (2nd down) looks like you are getting a touch of burn on the tips of the leaves. Are you checking the pH ?

Otherwise they are looking pretty healthy.


Beat me to it Jerry. Those roots look good brother, @Mrcrabs


Ph at 6.36 These plants was not doing so well in hands of a friend. They were in soil, and a little bit on the down side.

should I take the bottom leaves off or let them fall on their own? New grow looks healthy


Ya snooze, ya lose ! Just kidding. Yes those roots look nice. Looks like a good start but I would work on making sure those leaves don’t get burned. Would be a shame to slow down a good looking grow.


Thanks for input, I will post more pics as grow progresses.


I’m happy to see other members trying aquaponics. :slight_smile:

One thing you might need as time goes on is to introduce iron in the system.


Sure thing Dumme, thanks for the heads up👍


Awesome stuff. I use turtles n catfish for my poopers. Cool


Moved them outside, temps in grow room getting to hot, need to invest in an ac and change up lights to LEDs, temps in upper 80’s daytime.
Ppm 540
Ph 6.33

Have been stretching out with this natural sun. Will keep posting progress.


A little crowded shall be separating them soon.


Quick update
Root system growth continues

New growth continues

Hey buddy, haven’t done anything to system except add more fish, ppm is at 490, ph fluctuations 6.0 , 7.0
I no you said to add iron but I don’t have any, hope you can post a link on which one to buy thanks.




Here’s FeEDDHA. It’s a red powder and turns the water a red-ish iron hue colour, which is the only down side. It’s great for new systems, as it’s stable upwards of 9.0pH.

FeDTPA is a yellow-ish, and now that your system is lower pH, this might be a better choice. The problem is Dealzer & Amazon don’t carry this product, and you’ll have to search other sources. FeDTPA is stable upto about 7.5pH.

NEVER USE “FeEDTA” in aquaponics. I mention this as its the most common form of iron for growing. FeEDTA is only stable upto about 6.3-ish.


@Dumme, thank you for the link, I will order soon.:+1::+1:


Quick update

Starting to flower


I cant tell if that’s just the picture or if you got a little bug damage, in the last pic. :fearful:


Super windy today, it’s small dust particles,one of my other plants had some bugs but the ladybugs took care of them.


Also can be some diatomaceous earth, was dusting chicken coops and dog kennels​:chicken::dog:


Here is some bug damage, luckily Mother Nature helps me out with ladybugs, they stop from time to time.