April 2018 BUD OF THE MONTH!


Here we go April bud of the month begins let’s see the monster buds this month good luck :hatching_chick:


And just in case you need a refresher, here is a link to the rules…

And to keep the chatter to minimum, we have a special room for chit chat

Now lets see some of those nice frosty nugs…


Thanks for posting the link @Ron330
Was about to do that myself haha
Ill be posting a iglm OG kush this month as soon as I harvest it here in a few days :wink:


Thanks Ron :+1:t2:


My SS won’t make the date :wink: so as usual observing my WW isn’t ILGM strain


Well, since I harvested today, I’ll go first. I wish I had taken better pictures. This is right before harvest.
Chocoloupe, Order #109626


Let the bud porn begin


#120143 Blueberry auto


I really wont be competing just want to show her off Donaldj hahaha it is a Iglm strain i might not even post the order number hahaha


White Widow Auto # 177618


beautiful bud,great strain!


ILGM #173820
Blue Dream
AKA “String Bean”


Sorry has to be an ILGM strain and you can’t post competitor seed packaging :wink:


Another entry from my Green Crack order# 195542. This was my holiday photo and I know it’s a little late but I’m considering it to be early.


Nice entries so far. We will have to wait and see if you all outdo last month. What a bunch of entries in March! :smiley:


Well I just can’t resist order #122025 Green Crack


I have an entry for BOM, here is my blueberry order number 150526 with the fruity mix pack

I think this shot shows some great colours but she was a beautiful plant with lots of colours,it’s not a shot of the big bud but she sure is pretty


Really nice


Blueberry Auto #47702


Amnesia Haze auto order #209888