Approximate time left

Well, she didn’t swell up like I’m accustomed to, but these autos are a different deal. This is a gorilla glue auto. Only my second auto I’ve tried. I see no amber trichs yet, but lots of cloudy. How much longer you think she’ll go? Not bad looking buds, but not super dense. Using a new hlg 350r. Anxious to see how my OG kush photo does.


Looking at the white pistils, she still has a couple maybe few weeks. Still time to swell up a little.


They lookin great bro :bamboo::muscle::sunglasses: congrats :beers:

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First time grower here. Super lemon haze autoflower. Indoor grow. Looking for input as when to harvest and wondering if I can harvest uppermost colas and flowers first and let the smaller flowers further develop.

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Yes you can do a partial harvest. Welcome to the forum.

I would post a pic of an entire bud or two, and maybe the whole plant.

Thank you for the reply and info.

Something like this helps people I think. Took these just now.

They are at 11 weeks.

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Looks like a few weeks to go to me. Mine is on day 76 today, and figure I have around 20 to go.


Healthy and Happy :muscle::100:

I’ve been wanting to grow for years. So much information out there just overwhelmed me. It all seemed SO complicated. Like rocket science. I have to say it’s been a cakewalk. I started them under enviorlites. I made the pots, one from window screen and the other geotextile fabric. I used Foxfarm Happy Frog and no added nutrients except for two very conservative top dressings with sterilized and well composted chicken manure. I can’t wait to smoke these girls. Thank you all for the comments.


Your welcome. Sounds similar to what I do. I used to use all the snake oils and stuff, now I just use ffhf mixed with perlite and fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 and worm castings, and the top dress once a month with the fruit and flower. I also use a little biothrive bloom in my water, and that’s it.

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Do you have any pics of an earlier stage like 1-2 weeks into flower

Do you have a pic from a week or 2 ago if so I’d like to see it

These are what I have.

Taken on their 7th week.

Here’s week two of mine. Actually day 18 from first pistils.

This is a couple weeks into flower day 67 from sprout

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