Approx 11 days,

I am still new to this forum so not sure I am duing it right , new to growing also have a ph pen for water and ph,moist, light meter, thermometer , humidifier one 100 wqatt grow light and a grow tent with air filtration system on the way,along with another grow light, using bergmans nutrition and have water filter and ph lower from happy frog, and using happy frog soil , do these look ok? k What about misting I have read so may different opinions. .


Welcome aboard. You look good. Less is more now. If see any sadness can put a dome on them. So far they seem to like the open air. A dome does protect them more and keeps humidity high. Keep on sailing you have the wind. Lights will be the issue in a month or 2. Veg requires much less than pushing flowers.


Welcome to the community stick around we’re glad to have you.


Welcome. Here is an OG kush on day 9 as a comparison. Also notice your thermometer reads 88. That seems a little high IMO. Might try to cool it off a little.

looks good yes I had a sheet covering the outside to try and raise the humidity , but left it off today
and temp down to 75. thanks for the info.

also can you suggest a grow light, I have 2 100 watt vivosuns now, but want to get it right.

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Well, I just bought an hlg 350r, so I can’t speak to a full grow yet, but the reviews are to the moon over it. I know it’s very powerful. I have it set on the third notch right now. 135w.

little above my price right now , do you think if I put both of my vivos in the tent it would work?

they are Super Silver Haze Feminized

I just looked them up, and looks like decent lights to me, so I think you’ll be good. I’m not really a lighting pro though. I used to use a cmh 315, and just converted to this hlg 350r. I switched to it at week 7 of flowering on my last grow, set it on full power, and immediately got foxtails :). I’m still learning it.

nice , congrats! newbe here

For your lighting What size is the grow space and will all these seedlings be in there or some outside? Seedlings are looking good :love_you_gesture:

I bought the seeds and got 10 and 10 for free and was a little nervous if they were germinate or not so I getminated a few more than I needed I guess. I plan to grow two plants inside I have a vivo Sun grow tent on its way with ventilation system and another grow light but I’m thinking about trying to grow the other ones outdoors and just see what happens thanks for saying they look good I’m very happy!

The grow tent is 2x4 x5 ft high with 200 w vivo Sun grow lights I also have a closet that I can use also if I need to. I have five five gallon grow bags and I’m not sure about the ventilation system. I am using Happy frog soil and Happy frog pH lower and a water filter and I have a pH tester and a moisture and light tester

Looks nice had my grow tent in a room upstairs… Mistake took it apart and put it in basement. Much better. Live and learn.

Bought two more grow light

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