Approaching harvest time?!? Trich pics

Hi friends! Outdoor grow in Southeast MI here! I’ve worked hard to keep my girls healthy with all this rain. Had to chop one of my plants a smidge early for WPM. She’ll be turned into edibles and the other girls have kept from her nasty spores so far.

As the weather is getting colder I’m wondering about how close to harvest I am. Still learning what to look for. I apologize my photos aren’t better quality but trichs seem visible so hopefully I can get an idea. I believe I’m seeing mostly cloudy trichs on the buds. I don’t see any amber yet- I’ve been told mostly cloudy with a few amber is best? What do you think? Hold off a week or two? Harvest before the next cold wet night?


A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp

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Looks ready to me. I’m seeing all white trichomes.


Beautiful buds!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


She looks ready


All white trichomes will give you an energetic high but If you want more of a body high aka couch lock, let those what ones go until about 10-20% -amber