Approaching First Harvest?

OK… I know I’m not ready to harvest my first crop yet (Northern Lights Auto). But I suspect I’m close. All the leaves on the plant are a super healthy dark green. No signs of yellowing yet. This first pic is of the tip of my top cola:

Trichomes are visible with the naked eye. Closer inspection with my camera shows them to be mix of clear, milky and amber. Pistols are still just over 50% white. So tempted to snip this and start drying, but I won’t because the rest of this cola looks more like this:

Most of the pistols are still white, and I’m having a hard time telling the color of the trichomes (yes, I need a jeweler’s loop), but I’m not seeing a lot of amber yet.

Most of the buds on my plant look more like this:

And this…

As this is my first harvest, I thought I’d ask the thoughts of my more experienced peers. So what do you think?

PS. Ready to harvest or not, I’m having such a blast growing. Being able to see the trichomes with the naked eye all frosty over the leaves just makes me feel warm all over :relaxed:

PPS. Just thought I’d include a shot from my raspberry harvest. These suckers are so flavorful and I can’t eat them fast enough. Ridiculously good.


Im seeing a bit of bud rot, sorry man.


Hi @Aquaponic_Dumme.

Can you point out where in the photo? I’m assuming it’s the first one…

In the first two pics (brown rot)

Hi @Aquaponic_Dumme. Thanks for alerting me to the possibility. I went in and checked the sites with magnification. The good news is there is zero decomposition, no fuzz, no leaf discoloration. I do have a range of pistol colors though with some of them a brownish color (these appeared after 2 very hot days back to back). I’ll remain vigilint and keep an eye on things, but I think I’m in the clear ;-).

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I see something as well, definitely the first picture and perhaps the second too ?

Your raspberries look amazing by the way, my mouth is watering from looking at them haha!
I just planted a new orange raspberry bush yesterday, can’t wait to see them grow!

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Hi @Paranorman. I suspect that it’s the brown that is catching your eye? If so, I had a couple of days of intense heat where a few pistols turned brown, but it stopped after the heat let up. Leafs are fully green with no yellowing, no fuzz, no mushiness, etc.

Any thoughts on harvesting?

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I’m not talking about pistils. In that top picture in the very center of the bud there’s two very small new growth leaves with a discoloration of some sort. I hope you consider taking another look
-good luck

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Thanks @Paranorman. I definitely will :slight_smile:

Hi @Paranorman.

Had a good hard look, and what I noticed was all the leaf tips on my top cola are getting a dark purplish tinge, but appear healthy otherwise. I took the cola and bent it open around those 2 leaves that I believe you are referring to. The dark purple tips give way to a healthy green color. No signs of mold/mildew. No off smell.

I hope I am assessing this correctly, but if not then you and @Aquaponic_Dumme will have alerted me to an issue that I’ll be better prepared for the next time around. Many thanks to both of you so that I will know what to watch for next time around. :slight_smile:

Assuming for a moment that I do not have bud rot, when would you be tempted to harvest that top cola?

I figure that given the other colas are full of almost all white pistils and the trichomes are mostly clear or milky, I’ll harvest in stages to give each bud a chance to mature.

Edit: I just found some info around Northern Lights Auto indicating that purple coloration of leaf tips during flowering is not uncommon when there have been significant temperature swings. As I’d mentioned earlier, we just had a big heat spell (followed by a 15-20 degree temp drop). I am hoping that this is accounting for what people are seeing on those extruding dark leafs in the bud, but I guess I’ll find out for sure soon enough when I harvest it and dig around a bit further. I’ll be sitting on pins and needles till I know for sure :fearful:

It looks black to me ? I’m not sure what it is but you might want to pull a moderator into this thread ? I wouldn’t want to see your grow go south on you my friend !

I would clip it out of the bud and inspect the rest of the plant, but maybe you should get other opinions first, bud if it’s but rot you need to get after it !

Thanks @Paranorman. I always appreciate you taking the time to share your insight. Fingers crossed my first grow doesn’t go sideways when I’m this close to the finish line.

I wouldn’t worry @hobbygardener, if you think it’s from the heat I would believe it. The same thing happened to me once, I burnt the top cola from too high of a heat from the light and it looked exactly like that. Not mold, just brown and burnt looking. If you checked for mold and found nothing then I bet it is from getting too hot. Good luck though!

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But also to add to that, I grow indoors, under a light.
Now that I think about it, I’m not sure you could get burnt tips like I had unless you were growing indoors under a light? I have no idea now man, sorry! @hobbygardener

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LOL!!! @ktreez420 Just when I was able to go “Whew!” I read your next post and went “D’Oh!” But at least now I’m laughing and smiling.

The good news is I buried my snout in that bud along with a magnifying glass and could see very clearly that the dark purple bits of leaf in the bud (that appear black here) turn a very healthy green as they get closer to the base of the stem. Apparently it isn’t actually heat burn, it’s a discoloration that happens with large sudden temp rise or fall (in this case a drop from 30 degrees to about 7 degrees).

I’m actually feeling OK about this now, and am hoping that someone might be willing to share some thoughts on the original question I asked about when I should harvest that bud in picture #1 :wink:


@vicbesos420 tell him about the temperature drop thing you were explaining to me!

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Some times it changes naturally by genetics and purple and blue is usually caused from excess copper @hobbygardener

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@vicbesos420 Hi Victor. Thanks very much for weighing in! I had been reading about purple leaf coloration due to temp drop, but the article that you shared explained what I was seeing much more thoroughly and I really appreciate your taking the time to share it here.

And thanks also for giving your take on the original question of when to harvest. I really wasn’t sure with that top cola in pic #1 - it felt close to me. But as an inexperienced cannabis gardener, it’s wonderful to get some input from others who have a number of successful harvests under their belt.

I’ll wait at least another week on the top cola before harvesting.