Apple bananaz Auto New to growing!

Hello Everyone I’m new here. Coming from Detroit. I’ve already learning so mush new information from this thread that nobody on the street would tell me… keep up the positive energy…Grow gods and goddesses :prince::princess:. Also could anyone give me advice on what to do in this situation. I feel like the buds are two small to harvest right now. How can I fatten up my buds ?What do y’all think? I’m growing apple



First things first… again Welcome to ILGM!

Now… on the plant above. I see a few areas to improve, if not this grow then next one.

First up, she’s a bit bushy. Alot of growers clean out lower branches as they typically equate to larfy buds. Most of those nowhere near the top wont get enough energy to get dense and rock hard. Also the energy they do use could be better suited helping those colas up top fill out. So nexttime, clean up those lower nodes a bit. Some selective pruning goes a long way.

Next I see some pretty good nitrogen burns. At this point (mid/late flower) she shouldnt be receiving full strength nitrogen any more. The burnt tips is ok (most the grow) but the dark waxy leaves means she’s still got a ton left. I prefer to taper down the nitrogen slow around week 5, until im barely using any by week 9ish. This also helps me avoid the need to flush.

Last thing is more of a question. What style of lights and nutes are you running? At what height and how frequently do you feed?


You avoid the flush? How come? My plants always seem so happy after a flush.

I think the effects are a bit neglible. Now… im no cash cropper or scientist, but…

Im of the train of thought that a properly ground plant should not need flushing. My grows are pretty heavily fed throughout flower, yet they normally show all kinda deficiency in late flower. Thats because my regimen changes with the stage of growth and what the plant asks for. By week 7ish of flower, im around a tsp of ‘grow’ (nitrogen heavy) per gallon. Which pales to the 3 tsp from late veg.

If the last week or so, you go straight water, it accomplishes the same thing while buying those last few days of solidly fed growth.

Im driving rn so sorry if i rambled a bit. Ill try to reword it when I get stationary

Also im basically all organic at this point. Liquid fish emulsion, dry fish hydroxylate, n epsom salts. With a dab of calmag if they ask for calcium. Never have to worry about salt induced lockouts.


Thanks for the advice my guy… I’m running my plants off 240v leds and floral flex for nutes. And as for watering I usually watching and wait until the coco + perlite drys before feeding again so maybe every 4-5 days

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Also do you think its best to take it down now. This is how she’s looking today or do u think I should clean it up a little and let it do it’s thing for another week.


Clean her up a bit and let her keep rocking. Have u checked trichs?

Sorry if i missed it but are you only growing in coco and perlite? Coco should never dry out and should be watered a few times a day from what I’ve read here.

@Okeydok5 @PurpNGold74

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Open that girl up and get some air flowing throughout her asap :muscle: