Apollo UFO LED Lighting

Anybody else using Apollo UFO LEDs ??? They are about 14" in diameter, fan cooled , 3 mounting points, full spectrum. 600W I think.
My last grow the buds didnt get dense they were airy not compact.
May have been other issues , Im in a 4 by 4 tent with two Apollos . Plus 3 Apollo light bulbs style leds mounted on the side ( moveable)
I have a feeling I could use more light , Id use a Halide or an HPS but in the tropics heat is an issue, and cost to run.
If I was to drop in 4 or 6 CFL bulbs , what wattage does anyone recommend ?

If you’re looking for cheap but lots of light just go with ceramic Metal Halide. At least it’s full spectrum and bright.
You won’t gain anything but purchasing the Apollo UFO thing. It’s really a waste. It’ll grow, but not well.