Apogee Mq500 vs Uni-T UT383BT

I posted this in my journal to. But figured this could be some good info to post here!!

Maybe I wasted $500…lol. Wanted to see how accurate the Uni-T UT383BT was compared to the Apogee Mq500. Kind of surprising results!

This is using the Uni-T linked via Bluetooth using the PPFD Meter app. And i calibrated the Uni-T last year using my HLG 350R. I used the par map Hlg had on there site for the 350R. Put my light in my grow space at the height and power settings listed on the par map. Pretty impressed how accurate it is. But I’m still happy to have the Apogee in my arsenal!! These readings taken under my Hlg Scorpion Diablo, 22" and 3rd click on the potentiometer


The manual for my Apogee says the sensor needs to be level in order to get an accurate reading. Do you have the telescoping wand with the little mounting plate for the sensor?

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I didnt get the wand. Im not saying the Apogee isnt accurate. Im saying i under estimated the accuracy of the Uni-T as long as it is properly calibrated.

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