Aphids or worms?

These plants changed so much in 24 hours! I noticed the holes in these leaves today. I don’t believe they were there yesterday. Here are some better pics of my first setup. I think the LED is causing some colors to show differently. The brown streaks in the photos are just from how the light looks. Day 42 since planting. Just started flowering. Sour Diesel and Super Skunk.

Not one to call wolf but two dots of yellow side by side are concerning and there’s fn holes in the leaf!

Kill something!

Id look over them super well. I see white spots and dark spots on the leaves like possible bugs. Good luck on this. I hate bugs

If you cant find bugs see if one leaf is stabbing other as fan blows by. Sometimes damage will be made from leaves hitting eachother.


I looked over the plant leaf by leaf and couldnt find any bugs. The only thing I did notice is that the lowest leaves do have some dirt stuck to them. Most likely from the beginning of waterings when the soil is dry and blown around easier. From what I read, I should no longer be using neem oil. How do you get rid of bugs during the flowering stage if I do find some later?