Aphids or what?

I have three different strains all growing, purple haze grown from a seed, trainwreck and sakush are both clones from someone else who doesn’t have any issues. It is only affecting my two clone plants and not the plant from seed, despite everything growing right next to each other. The issue is these dots which appeared on my plants, left unchecked with no changes these spots spread to more lots more dots and underneath it appeared like tiny grains of rice that rippled the top of the leaf. I think they are aphids, been spraying castile soap 1T to 1L of distilled water and plucking off the leaves with spots that show up. Took pics of the leave and I saw more than with my eyes, asking for help and advice as I’ve been fighting them since mid summer.

Looks more like mites but could be mold it gets blurry when I zoom. Does it wipe off? Have you looked under magnification?

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I can tell you all the signs point to it being a pest, not a mold. Yes, I have looked at it under magnification x12 and I didn’t see nothing moving or anything else. With your eyes it appears like trichomes during flowering, the first signs will be small brown spots. Leave them, and they will grow more and more on the leaf, thought it was a burn, the next part they leaf will start to look a bit rippled like you’d expect from heat stress. The leaf will start to curve under and then the leaf will start to blister and underneath you will see tiny white grains of rice under the leaf.

Tried different things, nothing less than Castile Soap 1T to 1L of water spraying every three days has been the only thing to slow the problem down to a crawl, but I am only ever so slowly winning this war against it. I pick off the leaves I see with spotting starting.

When I took the pictures of the leaf to show people, I saw that when I clicked on the photo to open it in a new tab and then I blew it up to full size you can see thousands of those little grains of rice, that aren’t trichomes. I didn’t see that with my eyes, and yes its fuzzy but its wasn’t on the camera and all those little things looked like baby grains of rice.

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capt jacks dead bug killer

I agree that it looks more like pests and the more you describe it the more I think you’re right about aphids to there’s a bunch of different aphids they don’t all look the same. First thing I would do is get the infected ones out away from the other plants. Alcohol and water 50/50 mix and completely saturate them. This and anything you spray on plants is always done with lights off and all fans on 5-10 minutes after you’re done spraying and leave the fans on until dry. Only exception to this rule I can think of is milk.

I don’t play with bugs anymore … Seran wrap the dirt tightly in your pot fashion a tall trash bin with 2 sticks to hold the pot above bin full of water dunk the plant in the water and leave on the sticks submerged for 30 to 40 minutes drowned em or make em swim … they will vacate or die… still not a fail safe bugs can be hell I fought spider mites for almost 8 months and lost in the end …no fun

And cath them early as possible when your to far it’s a pull the plug decision on mites

I have heard of this being done. The article I read said to ph the water you use to dunk them in and you can add hydrogen peroxide, baking soda not powder, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a couple more to the water. It’s been a while since I read this so I don’t remember the mixes or amounts of each but I do remember that they didn’t put all of them in a single bucket. They had different reasons to why they would use the different ingredients like for bugs or molds etc. It’s very similar to after harvest washing and can be done up to the day of harvest. I wish I would have saved the article I’ve referred it a few times but can’t find it again.

That’s to clean your plants during soak if you do a post harvest wash not necessary I don’t recommend late in flower will really mess you up h2o2 is a lil much I’m going for the drowning effect sorry for the startling comment but you can’t plant with bugs they will wreck you… I fought 8 months and lost tried 10+ methods

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I was told 100% it’s SPIDER MITES not aphids like I thought. Also learned that I caught them early on and since I have been able to battle and keep them at bay that’s a major plus. Now I will buy the right stuff and win the war.

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H2 )2 has some awesome benefits! 1/2 cup of 3% in a gallon of Ph perfect water can open up clogged capillaries from nute lockout! Also kills fungus of all types and some insects! I’ve seen 80% dead plants spring back to life. No lie!

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So I have problems with all sorts of pest here in the south. I’m not a big chemical guy, however, if you treat the soil, and leaf’s, with Savin which is relatively inexpensive form the big box stores, you can hook the bottle to the hose and spray it gets rid of most of the insects hurting the plant.

That said, Aphids are a whole other problem…Savin wont work .Savin kills the flying bugs, not THE EGGS You have to kill the eggs in order to get control. If the eggs live they will come back and continue killing the plant, no matter which plant your growing…Kill the EGGS.

Here’s how and its not cheap…its called Aid 0.15EC cost is 225.00 for a quart. Dont need much in a pump sprayer, 5 ml in a 60 oz sprayer and it kills them dead. eggs and all. good for about 60 days and you need to retreat again. The important thing is you spray the whole plant including under the leaves where they lay eggs… not cheap but works.

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If your talking about se7en dust …DONT… no bueno to be consumed… there are plenty of safe alternatives
SnS-203 - good stuff
Captain Jack’s dead bug :+1:
Miracle grow Insecticidal soap - :+1:
General hydroponics Prevacyn - :+1: ( peaceful it is essentially pepper spray …your house will be effected for an hour or 2 dont do with ppl around
Spinosaps :+1:
I’m from florida I’m all read up and feild tested on bugs
I’ve had fungus gnats, root aphids , thrips, white fly, green aphids, spidermites …spidermites the only one that got mynrespect… I see you spidermites …formidable opponent there smh


That should have read H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide. Very helpful when over use of nutes block uptake.

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Ladybugs eat spider mites and aphids. You can get 500 for about $30. My lady bugs and my ladies happily coexist. They look kinda cool too. No more aphids, spider mites, pesticides, or pain in the ass spraying.

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Its 0 help to a 50 million mite infestion…n lady bugs are effective in preventative maintenance … they wont touch a infestation if full swing

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