Aphids - Emergency just erupting

Hey ILGM posse… I have an outdoor grow consisting of ILGM photos: 3x Bruce Banner, 3x Bubble Gum and 3x White Window. I have some other plants, Banana Hammock, OG Collin and another one I don’t know the name of and 2x autos of Jack Herer. Everything is in flower here in southern Michigan.

I have just seen a few aphids on some of my plants, uhg… so I need to take evasive action now before things get outa’ hand. I bought the Plant Protector kit a few weeks ago but now I’m out of the Bergman’s Bug Blaster and I see they are out of stock. I need more aphid killer to hit the rest of my plants and maintain keeping the bugs at bay… Can you guys recommend an alternative to Bergman’s Bug Blaster please? As I mentioned, we’re midway through flower.

Many many thanks Fam!


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Captain Jacks get it at Lowes.


Second captain Jack’s. Get the concentration that you mix up yourself .


Thank you sir. Much appreciated!

Ive heard of this stuff. Thanks for the confirmation!


I love Captain Jacks. It is my go to.
But… this year I got aphids on 30% of our outdoor. CJ jist would get rid of them. I ended up using a product called Garden Safer soap. Worked great! I did a three day spray.
I highly suggest it :wink:
Happy growing…

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Do any of you purchase ladybugs and release them in your gardens? I had heard of this from some grannies years ago.

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Released over 8,000 last year.

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Ladybugs will only hang around so long as they have food. If they don’t; they leave. Personally I would try something like Captain Jack’s and/or Safer Caterpillar Killer. These two products alternating will eliminate almost everything on your plant except mildew. 3% peroxide for that.

Aphids fortunately are easy to kill. You may want to open up the plants some and remove any leaves with eggs on them (underside close to the stem).


I released 1500 ladybugs 2 times last year most either leave or die if there’s not enough food. In the end there were only one or two per plant left. But they stayed until harvest.

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