Aphids - Emergency just erupting

Hey ILGM posse… I have an outdoor grow consisting of ILGM photos: 3x Bruce Banner, 3x Bubble Gum and 3x White Window. I have some other plants, Banana Hammock, OG Collin and another one I don’t know the name of and 2x autos of Jack Herer. Everything is in flower here in southern Michigan.

I have just seen a few aphids on some of my plants, uhg… so I need to take evasive action now before things get outa’ hand. I bought the Plant Protector kit a few weeks ago but now I’m out of the Bergman’s Bug Blaster and I see they are out of stock. I need more aphid killer to hit the rest of my plants and maintain keeping the bugs at bay… Can you guys recommend an alternative to Bergman’s Bug Blaster please? As I mentioned, we’re midway through flower.

Many many thanks Fam!


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Captain Jacks get it at Lowes.


Second captain Jack’s. Get the concentration that you mix up yourself .


Thank you sir. Much appreciated!

Ive heard of this stuff. Thanks for the confirmation!


I love Captain Jacks. It is my go to.
But… this year I got aphids on 30% of our outdoor. CJ jist would get rid of them. I ended up using a product called Garden Safer soap. Worked great! I did a three day spray.
I highly suggest it :wink:
Happy growing…

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