Aphids and spider mites have made a home on my girls

Ugggg, after further inspection I have aphids on ALL my girls and some little black bug that hates the sunlight and runs to the bottom of the leaf as I turned it around. It also shot out a tiny web out it’s butt when it finally jumped off so I am assumimg it’s a spider mite. I drenched the underside of all the leaves this morning with Spinosad Soap, how often do I have to spray, would Peroxide mix work better?

Will the Spinosad Soap hurt Granddaddy Long leg spiders and another larger spider I saw on plants? I am assuming the GDLL and other spider aren’t hurting my plant, maybe they are eating the bad bugs?

Get some (green cleaner) … I keep saying this … but for real I dont work for them… but the stuff works… start a good spray regimen asap… you can use this stuff all the way to harvest… no problems with taste or smell… just dead bugs… spray every 3 days for spider mites … the eggs hatch every 3 days … nasty lil f’rs … :wink:


Will it hurt granddaddy long leg spiders?

I don’t really know… I’ve never tried to spray them… just the plants… lol :wink:
I dont have the label in front of me… but look into it … it’s a product that I dont mind recommending… I use it… :grin:

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If there in veg I spray mine with organicide, and spray them down good. If in flower you’ll have to just wipe the leaves with a sponge and then hose them down with water to try to knock them off the buds.

Lol, GDLL was chillin on my plant way down there. I would hate to kill beneficial predators. That and GDLL are cool spiders.

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Me too!!! :+1: It works for so many things it’s just a little pricey!! But worth it. @NavyVet420 I also recommend green cleaner… all the time lol. It works you could try sns203 as well but green cleaner is natural. You can find it cheaper at various places, Amazon is not always cheapest FYI. Below is what it looks like so you can at least look into it.

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@peachfuzz @Anonyboii ordered it last night. 4oz concentrate bottle. 1 teaspoon per gallon ratio, gets here Tuesday then it’s all out war!!!


Good deal they will be gone soon enough!!:+1: please keep me posted I would like to see how happy you are with it.


The first spinosad application you did will kill everything. That stuff is deadly neurotoxic to insects, but harmless to mammals. Just spray it on every week.


Is this the product your referring to ?

@Anonyboii sorry ebay links are not permitted
I deteted it hope you understand
But agree amazon is not always the cheapest
And shopping around always works


My bad wasn’t sure if eBay was okay or not.

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Yes sir… that’s the stuff… when I bought a big bottle they sent me out 2… not sure what happened , but I was like hell ya … so I use this stuff once a week for preventative maintenance all the way until about the 4th week of flower just for peace of mind… I have had zero issues since i started using it… the reason I started using it was because a friend of mine gave me some clones and they were full of broad russet mites…
To all of you… I repeat (do not take clones from anybody) … it’s not worth the trouble that it can lead too…