Aphid infestation heartbreak

I had one of my GSCE that you have all seen me grow with great success. For the first time I threw a couple outdoors. It didn’t look like it would finish in time so I brought it in… complete with a few aphids. Now all 4 mid-sized plants for the next run are badly loaded. I have tried Neem oil, and it reduces them heavily, but it won’t ERADICATE them. I’m not sure about ladybugs in an indoor grow room. Options seem to be:
Cut small clones… I can remove every aphid on small clones by hand.
Buy a new strain and kill these and start over.
Run these using neem to keep them minimized until I flip to 12/12, and then toss a shitload of mail order ladybugs in my sealed grow room when budding happens and Neem oil isn’t healthy, tasty, or safe…
Please advise!!

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Try some food grade diatomaceous earth on top. Aphids are the reason I switched to coco

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You can use 3% peroxide, peroxide and water 50/50, isopropyl alcohol 50/50 (until flower for alcohol) and there are products like ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’ and ‘Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew’ that do an excellent job. Everything but the alcohol can be sprayed on the plant up to the day of harvest. If you are conscientious with your applications it will eradicate them.


In the dirt or on the actual plant? If dirt how does it kill aphids on leaves?

Which would you recommend for the most sure fire method without hurting the plant? They are 14-17” tall and bushy.

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Hit em with 50/50 peroxide and distilled water; really soak the plant down and get the top soil layer. Wait 24 hours and apply either of the two insecticidal bacteria and wait an additional 5 days then repeat. If the peroxide didn’t work well enough, go to straight 3%. If you are not deep into flower, alcohol diluted would be the next most aggressive.

You have to let the Safer or Captain Jack’s do their work and it takes about a week. Alcohol and peroxide will kill the bacteria so re apply as needed. The stuff is cheap and if you have pests once you will likely have them forever. Best to develop a program now.


I’ve been 10 years without ever a pest except flies one time from not changing the filter on a cheap humidifier which was a perfect maggot nest… yuck… but never a weed pest until now. And only because my dumb ass took an outdoor plant in. I’ve always been an indoor guy. Never really did any outdoors. So I thought it was getting too cold and they needed 6-7 more weeks. So I brought her in, aphids and all. Ironically on the day I cut her down my buddies cut down their outdoor plants. So she could’ve stayed and been fine and spared me this problem and use of electricity. Fortunately a very close trim got off all evidence of the aphids which were massively on her. All fan leaves were glossy with honeydew. Gross. Bud turned out insanely good though. Anyways, thanks for the tips. I will try them. If they don’t quite kill it I’ll deploy ladybugs. I have 3-4 that naturally found their way in and stay with my indoor plants. Despite their reputation to wander they do seem to stay with infested plants for the food. Especially in a sealed room! After this next harvest I’ll wait a full 30 days before anything living steps for in my grow room and will start fresh from seed with a new strain though If I can I will kee this wonderful pheno. It’s so good and the output weight wise is nuts!

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You can’t do this indoors: the ladybugs fly to the light and die. They will mostly be dead in 8 hours. And it makes a HUGE mess to clean up.

You can bring pests in from outside just by carrying them in on your shoes or clothing FYI. I have mites here along with aphids and I do an inside/outside grow normally so have some experience with dealing with them.

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Well, I’ll give it the old college try. Either it works and I go back to no aphids, or it doesn’t, and I minimize for one cycle then start anew with a new set of beans :slight_smile: no huge loss. Been meaning to do a run of GG anyways!

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