Apera PH20 going bad?

Recently I tried to calibrate my Apera PH20, the 7.0 solution calibrated fine got my little “M” symbol to appear. The 4.0 solution read correctly and appeared to calibrate, but my “L” symbol does not appear. Is it time to replace or is there another solution?

Not sure how old yours is, but the tips can wear out. Apera sells new tips so you don’t have to buy a whole new meter. You can get them on Amazon.

I’m not sure what to say if it is a newer meter.

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Yeah its about 2 maybe close to 3 years old. I’m not very vigilante with calibrating, but do calibrate before each grow cycle. I was not sure if the PH20 had a replaceable tip, is there a specific search item on Amazon?

Mine did that after being stored dry. Soaked in storage solution for week and it was good to go. If you have stored in solution I would say probe replacement too.

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It does not and they seem to die shortly after the warranty period of 2 years so probably time for a new one.


Thanks I’ll try that. @Hellraiser Already placed an order to replace probe, if solution storage works I’ll have a backup possibly. Thanks guys for feedback! :wink:


I should have looked closer as I believe you are correct. My other apera has replaceable tip, it’s sx620 or something like that.

@dunnitagain i did same thing. Ordered solution with my new meter. Solution worked and now have spare.

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They now offer a replacement - complete new PH20 for $35 including shipping. That is great - but they are now saying that tips only last 6-12 months - will likely last longer with proper storage. Mine would go through calibration but would not measure accurately.

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Bluelab sells storage solution and I believe you can use the 4.01 calibration solution instead.

Yeah mine quit calibrating to the 4.0. I bumped up to the ph60 with the replaceable probe. The ph20 is still accurate though even though it won’t calibrate to 4.0