Apera PC60 Probe Corrosion

Anyone have an experience where the 2 metal probes on their Apera PC60 corrode even though stored properly. I put growing to the sidelines for a couple of months recently and am now checking pH and PPM again. The probes have a brown contamination collecting, are discolored, and I cannot get a legitimate reading. The pen has been in the recommended, uncontaminated (as best as I could take steps to prevent it) environment throughout its storage period.

I know myfriendis410 had the apera, gave up finally after some issues similar to yours and with with a blue lab.

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I’ll have to try the Blulab next. I’ve unfortunately ordered another PC60 and can’t cancel it as it is already out for delivery today.

Thanks for the tip.

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Yep, no worries. Just relaying what I’ve seen on the forum. Especially the people that use their equipment a lot. Lol

Congrats on becoming a mentor, by the way. It is certainly well-deserved. You contribute great content quite a bit.

Thank you! I really appreciate that. I really enjoy contributing and I hope that really shows. Just giving back to a community that helped me with my first grow so much, and I want others to be successful also. It’s been almost 5 years believe it or not. Lol


Congrats covert!!!

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Thanks @skipper1! Happy growing!

Congrats Covertgrower on becoming a Mentor. I know you have helped me out a few times

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Thanks @Deepsix for the record happy to help anyone. Lol

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I have the same unit with no issues. Could you not get a new probe from the company? I am thinking they are replaceable .