Apera PC60 Meeter

At the moment i have a clone of some Chemdog i took from a buddies girl before we flipped her to flower also just threw a LSD and a Blueberry in some water a few hours ago to germ all seeds from ilgm of course lol ive been growing now just under a year been on here for some months now lol

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The others have you in good shape. Once something is mixed into stripped water your meter will work fine.


They got ya.

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@Bobbydigital If I was to buy and use a ro system what can I do with the waste water from everything im seeing there’s a high amount of waste water when using ro and thats personally what drives me away from a RO system atm but at the same time I don’t want to have to buy distilled non stop and all all the plastic bottles lmfao

You can dilute it with tap water and use it for household cleaners, wash the car, water outdoor garden plants. You can turn off your toilet water valve and keep filling the tank every time you need to flush it. I have a 250 gallon portable water tank that I bring to the deer lease for washing dishes and using toilets out in the woods.

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Would this unit be ok to start with?


That’s the one I use. Keep in mind this is a portable unit. It screws onto your faucet. Mine is mounted on my patio and attached to my outdoor hose valve.