Anyway these 3 plants will fill out this 4x4?

Hawaiian Snow sprouted 6/16

Can I do more training to spread them out. Still learning how to do it properly.

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Of course u can. Each branch on ur plants uncan put some kind of string or whatever around ththe top of each branch and carefully pull tonthe side and tape it to the pot. Becareful not to break off stem. But if u happen to then tape it back on right away and itll heal

heres a example. This was when my plant was younger. Starts looking like this eventually

the tape u see in the center is from when i broke a main branch clean off and taped ot back and never skipped a beat… ur getting lore light to the center creating more potential bud sites

You have nutrient excess going, those burnt tips and yellowing of leaves needs to be addressed before anything.


Agreed. Glad u mentioned that cause it totally slipped my mind to address that


You mean the OP has an issue right?

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Its cal-mag. Does it have a recovery period when you begin using cal mag?

Sorry do t mean to butt in… backin out…


Not really, but all damaged leaves won’t recover.

I got roots organic cal mag and followed the directions and started watering with it everytime so im not sire what Im doing wrong.