Anytips on nutrients?

New grower here. 2 weeks into my first grow and plants are growing fast and looking good. I use fox farm happy frog as my medium and created my own top soil which is just happy frog mixed with coco peat. All I have been giving it is a little bit of water through a spray bottle once a day. At somepoint should i be giving my plants anything else through growth? Or is the happy frog soil good enough to just keep giving it water?

How large of a container are you currently in, how large a container could you use, and how large a plant (square canopy footage) do you want? What seeds did you start with?

The FFHF should be good for 3 weeks with just Ph water.

Zkittles autoflower. All in 5 gallon pots.

Ok will be the 3rd week next week. Anything you recommend after that?

Please answer all my questions.

How large of a container are you currently in:

Answer: 5 gallon pot

how large a container could you use:

5 gallon pot

and how large a plant (square canopy footage) do you want?

As big as possible

What seeds did you start with?

Zkittles autoflower

If you’re okay with forgoing some harvest weight to avoid nutrient issues due to overfertilizing, I’d advise sticking with water only. But I’d add in Recharge, Mycos, or Mammoth P as directed. Those products promise to boost microbial performance, which should maximize the nutrient availability from the soil. Happy frog has plenty of nutrients in it, and it’s a matter of bioavailability.

Adding ionic nutrients (Advanced, General Hydroponics, etc) is a route I urge avoiding in soil.

In the future, I would layer progressively hotter soil mixes from the outside in. My outer layer would be a mix of happy frog, ocean forest, and various organic soil amendments.


Ok good advice thanks. Another person on this thread said fox frog is good to water for first three weeks. So are you saying water would be fine as long as i didnt want the most out of my harvest? And the nutrients you mentioned, when would you advise me to add them and how often and also, in what growth stage. I just dont know what my next steps are at this point and future steps

I just want to get the most out of my happy frog mix/ top soil mix… so would you recommend maybe after the 3rd week, start adding recharge?

How does that statement account for any of the variables I asked you about?

It sounds like your watering habits are different from mine. I let my plants (once they’re past the seedling stage) get dry enough to lose turgidity, and then I water slowly with a surfactant.

In short, my advice is to use Recharge as recommended on the package, in water that has a couple drops of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Soap in it. I’d start that as soon as possible. You will get good yields, although nothing like coco coir with ionic nutrients. And that’s absolutely okay!

Understood. I just dont know if its best to start using recharge now or wait maybe another week since im only 2 weeks in.

Unless you have it on hand, it’ll take you some time to get it. It really can’t hurt your plant. Between the delay in soil uptake and the unpredictability of autoflowering plants, it’s probably best to be a little early instead of trying to catch up.

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Thats true. I see it on amazon Real Growers Recharge (8oz)

I think ill give it a shot soon.