Anything to worry about?

Strain; Type, Northern Light
Soil in pots: Miracle Gro seed starter potting soil

System type: seedling just sprouted April 9th

PH of runoff: N/A

What is strength of nutrient mix? Non given

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR grow

Light system, size: 4- 45 watt cfl spiral bulbs 6500 k

Temps; Day: 78- Night: 69-71

Humidity; has been around 39-42 day or night

Ventilation system; No, have 2 clip on fans running, no intake or exhaust yet

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: N/a

Co2: No


My gut tells me it’s the Miracle-Gro seed starter soil, which has Miracle-Gro plant food in it. At this age, your seedlings need nothing extra. I think you’ll get thru it but you might see some nute burning until the plant matures a little.

You’ll also want to be PH’ing your feeding water to ~6.5 if you stay in soil.

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@Matthew420… Hello, the seedling starter soil has NPK levels of 0.03… It’s really devoid of nutrients… I thought it may be the light. I had them covered with Pepsi bottle and cfl bulbs right over them… Could it be they need nutes?

@Matthew420… Been using distilled water at about 6.35 or so


Definitely don’t give nutes. They literally need nothing for food at this age, even that small amount in that soil can be bad. Seedlings live off of the first round leaves. Once those yellow and/or fall off, you can think about nutes.

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Might bump it up a tad but it’s pretty close. 6.5 - 6.6 is what I target.


@Matthew420, appreciate your response Matthew… They just sprouted this past Sunday and noticed those brown spots today after work. What’s the best soil to use going format for sprouting… I thought this was pretty neutral with those NPK numbers? I didn’t want to put right into ffof


I used FF Light Warrior this go around, then to FF Ocean Forest at transplant time.

Last grow used FFOF right from the start and had some early burning issues.

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@Matthew420, that what I have been reading putting young plants into ffof… Some folks sprout in the ffof and say they have no issues… So the light warrior is just potting soil with no nutrient values?

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If any soil says “Feeds for X months” or “Enhanced with Plant food”, anything like that I’d stay away from. You want to control the feeding yourself.