Anything look wrong? Day 20 Amnesia Haze (1st grow)

First grow ever so wanted to make sure there is nothing obvious I’m doing wrong. Does she look okay? She’s on day 20 and I plan on starting LST’ng tonight. Plant is on 5th node now.

Looks like she is kinda of stretchy and thin, but that’s just based on images I’ve found of others growing same strain. Yesterday was first time I watered the soil using jug (3/4 gallon) as I was previously only using spray bottle to wet top of soil when it was dry about 1" down.

NO nutrients or CalMag have been fed, was waiting until PPM’s come down.

Grow specs
Amnesia Haze Auto from IloveGM
Method: Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
Vessels: 5 Gallon fabric pot
PH of water going in is 6.7 / Run off was 6.4
PPM/TDS = 1,117
Indoor = 4x4 grow tent in garage / 4 plants total in tent
Light system = 2 ES 300 LED’s at 60-75% / DISTANCE to palnt is 24"
Temps; Day = 75F; Night = 65F
Humidity; Day = 75%, Night 65%
Ventilation system; 8" Tornado fan on floor at middle setting
Humidifier = Tao Tronics set to 80%
Co2 = No

Close Up


Your plant is looking great!

She is heading into flower. The plant will stretch a lot over the next couple of weeks. Maybe double in size. If you’re going to train her now is the time and then let her be. I’d suggest no training so you can see how the plant grows naturally. Autos are sensitive. Transplant or train to late can cause the plant to stay small and not produce much.

Photos are much more forgiving.


@shindig153 Thanks for setting my mind at ease!

Regarding low stress training, it seems like right now the fan leaves are NOT blocking the pistils so that is what I wasn’t sure if I should LST. or just leave it be.

Contrary, my Blueberry Auto below is also on 5th node and its nodes are so short/stubby the pistils are NOT receiving a lot of light. I know genetics plays a big role since Blueberry is more Indica and Amnesia Haze is more Sativa, but it’s crazy how different they look being exactly the same age!

Amnesia Haze is in background


It’s alright to trim a few fan leaves blocking light to undercarriage. Or you can try to tuck the big fan leaves under the branches. Those are a couple options I normally use.

Both plants are off to a good start and look happy. Well done.


Plants look healthy. You’re off to a great start. Good luck.

Both look great, I would take the top couple of nodes off the AH and tie the sideshoots down to spread the plant out

I don’t know much about Autos but she looks a little “squat” to do very much with at the moment (assuming you can train Autos)

I wouldn’t top anything. It’s an auto.
Def spread her out as she gets bigger.

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Thanks for the replies. Yep I’m staying away from topping since it’s an Auto. Realized I made a mistake in not filling pot up with more soil. It’s making LST very difficult.

I did try a gentle LST on the blueberry (short stubby one in the 2nd pic). Will see how she responds. It’s been an exciting 20 days so far!!

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Very good post all the info we wanted and looks like your off to a solid start as your doing your research.

I grow autos and I’m going to recommend not topping! Your Amnesia Haze is growing strong and the sativa in it is going to out grow your blueberry so you definitely want to keep that in mind now and make efforts to curb it so you can keep your canopy even in order to give your buds even light distribution so that your buds grow big and mature eventually.
Topping is a high stress method, this is not ideal for autos and their veg period is limited and you could stunt them as they don’t handle high stress well.
Because this strain is such a tall strain I would suggest you LST for sure but if you want the most out of you can do a FIM, it produces better results than a toping and is about the hightst stress method you want to use on an auto. It will give you 4 colas vs having 1 if you don’t or 2 if you top once.
It’s a well accepted best practice for lots of top auto growers, there is a great YouTube video here

Also try to shoot for 6.5 while on your veg growth and more of a 6.8 for flower.

I’m supprized your run off is so low being in FFOF but then again your a bit along and you didn’t fill your pot.
In the future here is so far the best method I have found to grow autos in soil.
Purchase ocean forest and happy frog fox farms soil, mix them each in their own bin until they are 30% perlite as cannabis likes airey soil.
Put a wine bottle or sometbing in the center and fill the pot 3/4 with ocean forest, then mix in Mykos (you’ll want to buy a bag of these they help your roots alot) only do this when your ready to pot not before in your bins. Pack it down and re fill it to 3/4.
Now pill the bottle and fill the remainder with happy frog and also mix in Mykos with the happy frog.
Soak the pot and then let it settle, top dress with some more soil So it’s full, overtime it will compact and break down.
Plant your seed or jiffy puck when started in the center.

The happy frog let’s your plant grow without risk of being nute stunted and allows the tap root to grow down deep fast, the Mykos will increase root growth and the perlite helps in many ways.

Again FIM your auto :+1:, if you don’t at least LST but you will look back and wish you Fim’d this is one of the best strains to as it’s strongly sativa and grows tall.

Here is my northern lights auto (strong indica) after fim

now if this plant ends up having weak auto genetics and doesn’t flip automatically then yes but otherwise leave it alone, Tuck a leaf Durring flower to expose pistils but for now just let it buck those sites don’t need light the leafs do


Sorry, thought the AH was a photo, oops