Anything but soil

So I’ve been in soil since March. I’m currently raising my third veg. I’ve flowered one out, and have one in flower. I use happy frog and perlite. And Fox farms. Ive thought about try coco/soil. I wanna try hydro phonics full idk either dwc or coco to start. and I also think about organic. Lmao they’re all different. I wanna do allllll the things.
So my question.
Organics or hydroponics?
And why?

Good morning @BassNBricks . May I suggest DWC for a single plant or RDWC for multiple. That is how I grow and love it. You can correct mistakes overnight, isolate issues much faster, but it is more work. I also love working with my plants, so it’s not an issue for me.

True story, I’ve never grown in soil, so it’s a bit one-sided on my part. However, I love growing in hydro, and it’s a lot cleaner than dirt for inside.


@JimWantsToGrow I don’t mind working in my garden. I want something more hands on. One of the reasons I’m considering it.
What size tent is that second photo?

With hydro you’ll definitely get more hands on, at least initially. Once it’s up and running it’s just mixing water and plant training.

As @JimWantsToGrow mentioned, a lot depends on what scale you’re looking at.
For example, RDWC is for growing multiples of a single strain, compared to DWC or Coco, where you can custom mix nutrients for each plants needs. There’s no buffer like there is in soil, so more precise mixes are generally needed.


That is the AC Infinity 36x24x72 2-n-1 tent.

I don’t really want to buffer. I want to what in putting and when. And what it’ll be. I’m thinking I might go to Coco then from there maybe dwc. Idk I have some soil left. I was thinking if running a fifty fifty half soil half coco. Then eventually phase out the soil.

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@JimWantsToGrow I had a feeling it was around that size. I have a 2x2 and a 2x4 I’m looking to upgrade the 2x2 I was thinking a 32x32 or the 36x20 I do like the 36x2ft however I only saw the ones that have two sides but that’s a wall you can take down isn’t it? Also every 36x48 are all 72 tall. My 2x4 is only 60 inches tall so I wanted to stay around there like hence why I was looking at the 32x32 or the 36x20 because the 3x2 are too tall.

@BassNBricks there’s coco loco it’s soil and coco mix

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The 36x24 is only in the 2-n-1. It’s good for cloning, germination, and seedlings, but that’s about it.
Some use the smaller side for drying too. I have a dry tent for that.

My 2x4’s are nice though. I can grow two plants with training or 5 in a SoG.

Mixing the 2 mediums doesn’t usually come with the happiest grows. They get treated differently and often end up with a lot of gray area when diagnosing issues.

Full Coco is extremely simple. It’s also very precise. Jack’s 321 and very few other things like silica and microbes are all I’m using. I’ve got 10 ounce plants in 2 gallons of medium. Either way… It’s all awesome

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I personally use coco. I wouldnt mix soil w coco as the two are completly different with ph needs. Ive seen quite a few try it and the results are disappointing.


@JimWantsToGrow they have a 3x24 that’s not a divided.

But with the space I have idk ifI’m going with that or a 32x32

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Thanks for the replys on the coco soil mix. I was curious about the pH with that. I’ve heard you just run soil pH. But I’ll stay away from that

I definitely wanna go w smaller pots. 10 gallons come w their own sets of troubles. Think it’s why I’m having such a hard time w feeding. It only dries out once a week

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Coco in such small amounts can be really difficult too because I’m watering twice a day. I’ll setup my auto system soon. “I’ve been too busy”


I had to :rofl::rofl::rofl:

You KNOW my answer @BassNBricks

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Damn nice job keeping that clean @ChittyChittyBangin! And you should show it off! :slight_smile:

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Im gonna try organic before I swear off soil. No reason to swear it off to only try again later with organics. I watched a video garden talks with this guy Timothy I believe. He really impressed me so I ordered his shit. I’m gonna try it out since I already have girls in soil going. And I haven’t feed any nutrients besides cal mag and silica.

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I was frustrated with soil. I was having problems w my plants and the soil was culprit it was low pH out of the bag. And I enjoy feeding and LST so I wanted something more hands on that I could control more


This is the one I ment to post.

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