Anyone with info/experience growing gelato strain?

I was recently fortunate enough to be offered a few cuttings of a new (to me) strain called “gelato” a relatively new hybrid derived from Girlscout Mint Cookie and Sherbet. Internet research found plenty of info regarding development and accolades from seed & clone suppliers (pitching for sales) but next to nothing as far as grow info is concerned. Received the cuttings about 4 weeks ago and went thru my usual clone process without any problems, a little slow to root and slightly finicky hardening off but otherwise all good and now in 2nd week of Veg and looking very nice. I’m hoping to find anyone out there
who has some experience with this strain and can give a heads up on preferences, tendencies, yields, bud quality etc. Thanks

I haven’t grown any of them, but when comparing the most difficult plants I’ve grown to the easiest, they’re not that much different. Just watch how they react to what you’re doing and adjust as needed.