Anyone with difficiency experience got a second to spare

Hello I have an issue that seemingly points to one thing but the plant doesn’t respond to treatment. My flower room is under ground so I wobble a lil bit on temp and humidity but for the most part i hoover around 75 in the day and 65-68 at night. I control the water temp and keep that at 72 and I use the dwc technique and feed using the flora series ready mix. This plant is a sour diesel and I’ve crossed her with purple monkey balls and they grow with my own home grown strain of strawberry cush that I crossed with 9lb hammer. Im in week 4 going on week 5 of flower. With that heres my problem. As far as I can tell she looks to have a phosphorous difficency but doesn’t respond to treatment. And then the leaf eventually turns into the next picture the leaf is all but dead. Any suggestions on diagnoses? Tia oh and this is occurring near the bottom kf the plant as well to thanks


That’s heavy duty phosphorous deficiency

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Lockout probably