Anyone with cerebral palsy?

I am growing primarily in hopes of easing my brother’s suffering. He has cerebral palsy with muscle spasms which affect his bladder and bowel functions. He has gotten through life, rough at times, and It’s obvious to me now that the doctors don’t really care. He’s just a crippled old guy to them. I’d like to make his remaining years as pleasant as I can, and I think cannibis is the answer.
I think the indica strain might be the answer; he needs to relax and easily gets anxiety attacks. So any advice will be welcomed. I’ve just started growing bubblegum and blueberry and am about three weeks into this. But I have a lot to learn and am anxious to see if this will work.


i remember a kid i knew growing up who had cerebral palsy…i cannot help but think that a mmj regiment would have helped him…


My ex-girlfriends sister had this, and was prone to anxiety attacks also. I hope the blueberry works well, I’ve heard good things about that strain. @Supernoobie

My friend and grow partner has cerebral palsy. I have never known her to have anxiety attacks, but I’ve never seen her not stoned. :grin: I do know that she really likes white widow.


If you need any help getting to where your headed … just ask… :wink:


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