Anyone Wash Their Buds?

Im wondering if anyone washes their buds right after they cut them off plants. Primarily indoor growers and if there is a noticeable difference in quality… All comments welcome pros and cons.

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I know there are a few folks here that stand by it but I can’t remember who. I believe someone even posted a YouTube video about it.

I believe it was @Aquaponic_Dumme

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After seeing the video I am definitely going to wash mine. You just have to remember how much crap falls on your plants in 4 months. Dirt, dust ,pet danger . human danger, foliar spray chemicals, mildew the list goes on and on. Just saying its a good idea and doesn’t take a lot of time to do,

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It’s a logical idea for sure @MAXHeadRoom, was wondering methods… I’ve read peroxide, then other sY don’t use peroxide, use lemon juice and baking soda… Hot and cold water etc… I’m thinking just water to clean then another bucket to rinse… Thx for feedback !

Sounds good. The video I saw used H2O2 with water. Not sure what ratio. But he had powder mildew, which came off. Just try clear water first and see what kind of dirt comes off. Then go from there.

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Dont want to lose trichomes either… Guess I’ll go easy with wash

How would you lose trichromes?

I’m thinking from agitation in washing process…dipping into one bucket then into another, my concern is could the trichomes come off @MAXHeadRoom

The bud I cut down was just super sticky – just really hard to handle without your fingers getting ulta-resiny. Odiferous stuff! When you wash, how much of this resin gets washed away? I know when I touch . . . resin comes off. Why wouldn’t some resin come off when you wash?

I’ve heard people say that washed bud dries faster. But might that be because resin dries slowly and you’re washing off resin when you wash?

I’ll probably try it with a mini-harvest to see what I think. But I’m not convinced at this point.

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Yeah I’m still trying to wrap my head around it @arpeggio… It seems like it’ would be good to clean them just like you would fruit and vegtables but don’t want to screw my harvest up… I may try some bud and compare them with the unwashed bud and see the difference in quality and taste of smoke etc


The trichrome is the sac that holds the THC which is attached to your buds and also your sugar leaves. I don’t think they would just fall off when dunked in water. I don’t think they are as fragile as you think.


Resin doesn’t wash off when outdoor plants get rained on. I don’t think gently washing after harvest would wash it away.

I’ll probably experiment.