Anyone using octopots?

Thinking about ordering octopots and wanted to see what you thought about them after using them.
Not autopots😂

Haven’t used them but it looks pretty interesting. And simple!
If you decide to give them a try definitely start up a journal so we can learn as you grow!!


@Tylersays Most defiantly will, It’s either octopots or converting my current setup over to auto watering. 2x a day hand watering doesnt sound like much but that gets old real fast :rofl::call_me_hand:t2:

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And thats exactly why i can’t see going to coco!
I’m seriously debating a RDWC system for my 4x4 and keeping up with soil in the 2x4.
Or just SoG clone runs…

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RDWC would be nice. I have one too many power outages to go with RDWC. If wasnt for that I would try it for sure.
Thats why I liked to idea of this octopot,it doesnt rely on power. :v:t2:

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