Anyone using lac meter

Any imformation from those that has used these meters? Have read that using these meters can help you determine proper lite usage.

I’m sorry buddy. I googled lac meter and couldn’t find anything. But any light meter will come in handy

Thanks, just wondering if they are worth buying, although if it helps it is worth the cost.

@HornHead what about the light meter app could those be even close to right

I used to have a good light meter app on my phone but broke that phone. When I went to get another app. I couldn’t find one that measured high enough. If you can find a good one, yes they do come in handy

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I don’t know what a “lac” meter is either…I use a PAR meter to set and adjust my lights.

Most folks don’t choose to use PAR meters because they are a bit expensive.


The experienced growers know more than myself but I went to bing and found lac meters but they also wrote it as lack meter.Maybe lac meter is short or lack meter. thanks for all your input.

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