Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

3.2 pounds spread amongst 1/4 pound bags. Sealing this weekend.


Most welcome, share knowledge power the team

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So I got another question, I’ve been using bergman’s fertilizer which I feel is pretty expensive but I’m not sure since this is my first grow and I just ran out of grow time fertilizer everyone I see recommends jacks how do I go about switching over to that can I mix the two fertilizers or do I just cut the rest of the bergmans out as a loss? And is Jack’s better?

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I’d just use up the rest of the Bergman’s stuff and finish out the grow with Jacks. Your plant doesn’t care about brands, except that ingredient quality may be more bioavailable.

If you have some veg nutes from Bergman, use them up and then use Jack’s for the rest of veg. Then you can use up your Bergman flowering nutes and resume the Jack’s for the rest of bloom time. You plant will be fine and you won’t have nutrients wasting space or money.


Moisture meter setting.
Just ordered a moisture meter and wondering what setting I should use to test buds.
Do I use one of the wood settings or what?.

Set it to wood and test buds not stems. Just stick the buds.

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What @Audiofreak said. You’ll get the hang of it. Remember to clean your pins every so often otherwise your readings will be erroneous.


If it has a setting for soft wood, use that.

Awesome, so here’s another question, I see people putting what looks like little moisture meters in the Grove bags where do you get those and do you just seal them in with it?

The moisture meters are to test moisture levels before bagging. Some people put small hydrometer inside bag but not moisture meters.

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