Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

GSCE bagged @ 60% RH on July 17th
Ahhh so tasty…great cure, sweet, smooth.

@Audiofreak thank you! Growing good pot is one thing…using the moisture meter and grove bags… Just took the guessing out of finishing good pot.

I am about to harvest 2x Purple Crunch, 1x Lemon Frosting, Animal Cookies, & Sticky Icky all looking frosty at 7 weeks. No more jarring, burping… Etc.

I still keep a mini hygrometer in each bag… I have them so why not use them.

My personal favorite RH in these is between 60-61 RH… Terps and moisture are perfect for a bowl, joint… Etc.


@Jungle that is the exact one I have…

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Just made the one month mark on latest grow in grove bags

today. Smells fantastic and smokes even better. My second time I’ve used them to cure.


Just offering up what I would do. I would take it out of the bag or bags, set them out on a tray for an hour, put back in bags and check again with hygrometer after a couple of hours to see where they settle. If you get them to at least 64% the bags should take care of the rest.


Does anyone have a coupon code for Grove Bags?

Not sure if they still do this, but create an account, start a cart, and wait a bit. I got one emailed to me for the first order.


I went to the build your own section everything there is dirt cheap it cost more to ship than it did to purchase 4 1/2 lb bags


I created account and signed up for newsletter and they sent me a code tysm
I only purchased a few bags but some how I got free shipping but if I used the code they sent I only got less then a dollar taken off and I lost free shipping so I went back to code off Google with free shipping

You may have needed more in the order. Pretty sure I got about $20 off my first order. Of course it may have changed by now too.

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I just put my order in for some long term cure/storage bags. Can’t wait to try them! Harvesting starts in 2 weeks. I’ve read a lot about drying techniques. I may have missed it in the thread but does anyone know how long have others cured/stored in these bags? And has anyone used them for curing temple balls/hash?


They’re very smokeable after 2 months and just keep getting better the longer they cure.


Good. I will have to see how long these buds last in the bags. I got the opaque bags for the long haul storage to minimize light getting into them. This is gonna be so cool to see how it ages.


Reading through this and other threads has me interested, so put in an order for some bags. Should hopefully arrive soon so my harvest can finish curing in them.


So, is Cannabis “wood” or “building materials”??


Its Wood.


Soft wood, if that’s a choice.


I’ve been in trim jail but just wanted to say this thread is the place to go if you’re in pre-harvest.

I’m a sucker for aphorisms and old farmers almanac type wisdom and I cannot give proper attribution but:

“Winning is accomplished in the preparation stage not the execution stage”

I think it’s a huge PITA to get this system planned.

HOWEVER, if you think about (as in had recorded) how many hours you actually spent watering trimming training navel gazing AND online doing research and chopping and washing and drying or trimming, this cure stage would be really trivial time wise.

Like, just my opinion man.

But a serious query so I can go back to jail.

Is the refrigerator a dehydrating environment? I think it is based upon the astute discussions/observations here about the bags permeability and observed fluctuations in RH over time in various storage locations. This confirms for me the need/value of even a small cheap internal bag hygrometer.

Question really is where to put them after the buds are in grove bags.

Perhaps it’s a better question for the folks at Groves….

I really appreciate the constant flow of opinions and observations; it’s really helped keep me going with nothing really growing. After 18 at once I didn’t think I’d miss them……lol

I can look out the jail cell and still see them.


I keep mine in a dark closet. It stays in the low 70’s temp wise and the RH in the grove bags is consistently right under 62%


Mine are in a box in my closet about 80 degrees. No issues.

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@IP54 I got great results with the meter also. My first grow and it made me feel less stressed when it read 11.