Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

I have the same issue where I’m at. 65% humidity in the house. After 10 days in a paper bag. Ended up laying the buds out across a paper bag for about six hours. Was able to regulate the humidity at 60.
Then into grove bags.:+1:


Literally just filled 7-1 oz. Bags my 2nd grow in them.


I just placed my third order today….in preparation my next harvest.

What is everyone thoughts about reusing them? Should we just brush out the inside, wipe it down with water, or toss them as single use?


At a buck apiece (1 oz bags) not sure if need to reuse but I still had new so used them, next harvest I may try to reuse. Cant think of any reason they wouldn’t be easy to reuse.


I’ve been reusing a freebie eighth bag that came with my order. Filled it about 6 times now, no problems. I don’t see why you couldn’t reuse them. Honestly I probably won’t even clean mine. Just shake them out to get any kief that fell off and reload.


I think it was @Audiofreak said that the company told him to use a moisture meter (I bought mine localy at Menards for $13.00) and when you get a reading of 10 to 12 you can bag em. I couldn’t find that info on their web site but tried it, they seem’d more moist than I usually store & burp at. They have been in the bag for a month now & no problems. The smoke is turning more potent than when 1st stored for sure, the chlorophyl is still there so more than a month for this veriety I guess they will all differ as far as when they become smooth but they did in jars as well. I’m ordering more for sure. Oh, so far I used 2- 1/2 lb & 4- 1/4lb. in a few days I’ll try a few of the 1lb. bags.


I should add that some of the bagged stuff was already cured in jars and all bags are stabilized around 62.


I’ve been reusing them. Haven’t had any issues with it. I don’t rinse them out or anything. Will be on my third harvest with them soon so will probably be trashing them after that.


Just so you guys know, the ounce bags are back in stock, I just bought 50.
I used FAMILY coupon code and got 5% off and free shipping.


I’m sorry the code was OzSpec10
FAMILY didn’t work but OzSpec10 did.

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Does anybody know if these would work the same way? Or is there some magic in Grove bags?
Smelly Proof Bags

Thiers majic in dem bags. LOL. They refer to “Terplock” technology.


Reducing odor isnt their gig. These are for curing, and can be used for storage or distribution.


Honestly I think the GroveBags are cheaper per-bag if you do your own custom mix. I paid like $30 for …. Idk, a lot of bags. I also was fairly realistic about my first harvest and have a whole lot of 1/8th bags instead of getting too carried away with 1/4, 1/2 or full ounce bags.


I just have some of these already.

There is magic in the grove bags for sure lol. And while they may not be ‘smell proof’ bags they do a darn good job. I am curing my first harvest in 2 1/4 bags and have them in a spare kitchen cabinet. My wife cannot smell them at all.


Good to know. I was planning to use jars, and already got them, and then discovered this topic, and thought, hmmm… I have some Smelly Proof bags, I wonder if they’d work the same. I just got them because they seal well enough to have in the car, and not smell like you’ve got a skunk in the back seat.


So I’m using these grove bags. I trimmed a dozen lower branches and hung to dry for 3 to 4 days. They were dry to the touch and stems would snap. I trimmed them up and put in my grove bag. 1/4lb. Bag. I put my hydrometer in with the weed it started at 57 percent. By this morning it was 78 percent. What did I do wrong? Not dry enough before I put in grove bags? Is there a way to know when to put them in the grove bags?


If they were just a little high i would probably just leave the bag open, but 78 is a little wow. some of the issue just could be that it takes a while to stabilize and you get an accurate reading. you may have had mostly drier buds but some that were way wet (since you probably didnt check every one).

if it were me and mine were that wed yet, i would probably spread them out over a screen of some sort and give them a day or two back in your drying room. then try the bag again


Yup☝🏻 Had to do the same a few times to get it to stabilize