Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

From my understanding you can store in these bags for longer than six months. In a cool dark place


I get the buds stabilized at 58-62RH for a couple/few days before sealing up the bags.

I’ll be using them for long term storage - heat sealed to make sure of no moisture loss in case of ziplock issues. I imagine the bags will work just as well as mason jars and I have bud in jars that are over a year old that smoke just fine, stored in a cool dark place.


@Hellraiser I wasn’t sure I was going to seal them… Then I checked them the other day and the ziplock on 1oz of GSCE was open… Luckily it didn’t dry out.

I promptly heat sealed all bags, high up on the bags so I can reuse them after cutting them open.


Was the ziplock itself open or is it possible that it separated from the bag itself? They seem to close incredibly well on the 1/4 lb bags at least.

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@CygnusX1 The ziplock was open. I do have one 1/4oz bag that the ziplock separated from the bag.


After 3 weeks in Grove Bag: White Widow CBD Auto
Question: Can you re-use Grove Bags?

Yes you can reuse them


Over and over and over you get the point!!!


My Grove bags are staying from 62% to 64%. Is that to high at 64% ?

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I wouldn’t be worried, the accuracy of your hydrometer is properly ± 3% or more.


That would be higher than I want (if hygrometer is accurate), if bags are not heat sealed, open the bags up and feel the buds, do they feel moist or do they feel dry enough for smoking?


Mine are both holding just under 62% presently.

If your hygrometers are able to be calibrated, definitely do so.

I have one “good one” that I throw in a jar with a Boveda 62 along with any I want to check and calibrate. For me, after 24 hours in the jar, the one below was spot on at 62% and my others required slight calibration to match.


They feel dry enough for smoking
Will open up bags and put another hygrometer in to check other one.
I have Boveda bags but didn’t want to use them if I didn’t have to.

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Contact the company. They really go out of their way to make things right from what I’ve seen.


Roughly 5 months since my last burp, still burp free. Here’s a bud from a bag closed in late March. Still nicely dry outside and still moist inside and full of trics. Looks as good as when first bagged. Zoom on pict and check the trics


1oz Grove Bags are back in stock today if anyone was waiting on those.

So far I dropped 3oz of Venom OG in a QP grove bag, it’s only half full and it had remained at 62 for a month.


I made orders past 2 days for hydrometer pack, Boveda packs and 2 separate orders of Grove packs.
If you use their site to order and register with them you get $10 off your order. You can tailor your order to small individual bags to a bunch of bags. If you make a mistake during checkout you can change your order easily. Grove packs site is easy and informative.
Currently I have a humidity sensor that is huge barely able to get in the Mason jar. I need the miniature hydrometer and Grove bags which I should have in a week…I hope


You won’t need the hydrometers in the bags….the technology of the bags IS your hydrometers



Well, that’s not really true given a hygrometer is a measurement device…

I did keep them in my Grove bags for the first 1-2 weeks until humidity stabilized.

I agree Boveda packs shouldn’t be needed.


If dried correctly you shouldn’t need humidity packs either.if you use the moisture meter you can get your grow into the bags at the correct Rh, and they will maintain Rh by there design.