Anyone using "grove bags" to cure?

Its definitely time for a “heads up” challenge! Thank you @MoFo and please keep us updated!


I just came to see how things were about 7 hours after putting everything in the bags.

The picture looks the same but you can see that RH raised in all three options.
-Grove Bag was 58% is now 62%
-Knock off bag with humi-smart 62% pack was 54% is now 55%
Mason jar was -60% is now 63%


My money is on the grove holding that 62% while the jar will only increase without burping. The offfff brand, looks like what a zip lock would do.


That’s not off brand looks like my oz bags.Who is it made by???

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Off brand for the lose

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Grove Bags just arrived, can confirm this company is legit and cares about its customers (scroll up just a bit to find details)….THANK YOU GROVE BAGS AND THANKS EVERYONE HERE AND THANKS ILGM!

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I got the bag that is in the middle of my pic from Amazon

Humi-Smart Cannabis To-Go Bag With a 62% 8G Pack and Indicator Card - 10 Pack

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They say dress for the job you want. How about get the bags for the pot you want.


I absolutely love mine!! Best cure to date for myself! In less time… :facepunch:


I keep jars in a safe when I open it you could still smell through the jars. In grove bags no smell in safe!!!



Read here about grove bags and curing


Thanks so much for your help. I am probs an idiot but i cant find a link

Idiocy now proven. Thanks and I am ordering today


Welcome @Esoba !

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Thanks man. I’ve been lurking a bit before joining, but have learned so much from folks on here. Just hit flowering with my first ever grow, and loving every minute of the bumps and successes coming with it.


Welcome!!! Got any pics? @Esoba

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Absolutely. Although I don’t want to hijack the wonderful Grove bag thread. Thinking about doing a journal that wraps up the last few weeks from flower to harvest that includes the few dozen things I’ve learned this first grow. Basically what not to do, or how even me, a dude who hasn’t successfully grown a tomato, can still make it work with the advice of this forum. Anyways, here is my newly put together second tent. And yes, there isn’t an exhaust fan. AC forgot to put it in the box, so they’re shipping one out as we speak. Plus side, the house is smelling wonderful as I can’t close it up without that fan.


@YuccaBud Here is a great thread about grove bags for curing.


Hi newbie question in grove bags

What should I target the RH before zip locking? I believe some were burping for a day or two to get the ideal percent before sealing

Secondly Anyone have any experience or comments on using them post cure for long term storage ?

If so what do you think would be the max in decent temp and RH conditions? Six months ?

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If you use a moisture meter and bag when they reach 11% moisture contact you will be right about 62%(±)